Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Garbutt standing for MP South Thanet. And Tory election fraud busted.

I'm delighted to confirm that I'm standing for MP in South Thanet here in East Kent and the 8th June election.

My manifesto is detailed in the "Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction" campaign eg:

But how outrageous for Craig Mackinlay busted in the Tory Election Fraud with 30 other Tory MP's, and 15 MP’s sent to the CPS for prosecution by the various police forces.

For the CPS to refuse to prosecute most of the cases - the day after MP nominations closed - is laughable given the Electoral Commission imposed it’s largest possible fine and the Tory Party admitted wrongdoing two months ago.

The CPS has been tamed by the Tory Party and left as a Party poodle.

Yet Mackinlay’s case remains open to be ruled on later – after the election.

All that aside, it’s an outrage for him to be selected by the local Thanet Tory party committee and to even consider standing.

The expenses fraud wasn’t a few costs here and there.

It was as blatant as the nose on his face: the whole campaign expenses of £15k spent in just one hotel.

While the Battle Bus delivered dozens of Tarquin’s and Fiona’s from Tory head office in the absence of any real local supporters.

Surely Mackinlay must have wondered who all these bussed-in supporters were? Perhaps not, as he’s merely a parachute candidate dropped in from Chatham where he lives and works.

He may as well be representing John O'Groats.

Certainly he’ll keep quiet on the Infratil crimes and Manston pollution or Thor mercury.

Even scoundrels like Lord Grabiner of BHS or Glick and Hollingworth of One Essex Court?

And what a farce with Jo Gideon of TDC the Manston Committee rascal now bussed out of Kent... to stand in in Rotherham and now Grimsby.

Mackinlay’s protestations he did nothing wrong are mealy-mouthed wriggles to try and prevent incriminating Nick Timothy Theresa May's election beard.

Mackinlay as an Accountant should know about expenses.

Mackinlay as a Magistrate should know about the law.

Mackinlay as a KCC Chatham councillor should know about election law.

Maybe we should have the puppet-master Nick Timothy rather than the puppet and his dynamic policies like “Reducing crime in (Insert constituency name)”

And in 2 years since the 2015 election Mackinlay achieved precisely nothing.

Nothing on reopening Manston: immediately after the election denying it was anything to do with him - and keeping quiet on the aquifer and Infratil crimes.

Nothing on reopening the Port - even the BrettGate cement proposals sprung upon him.


Perhaps all we can expect if there is no wrong doing – for Nick Timothy to appear again and perhaps another dozen Battle Buses? Maybe the Electoral Commission should repay back to the Tories the largest ever election fraud fine in UK history?

Maybe even his Robot Prime Minister appearing to prattle about Strong and Stable and Coalition Chaos?

May should take a machete to such abuses or like May be gone after June.

I urge Tory and Labour and LibDem and Greens and Independents to vote for me, and vote Mackinlay out.

The other candidates are feeble: Raushan of Labour a first-time candidate but good for a town centre focus.

And Rev Piper of UKIP a wipeout – and hardly very Christian with one of the most repulsive anti-Moslem manifestos I’ve read.

With Dutch and now French elections pro-Europe, and the German elections in Autumn, I urge the 48% Remainers and 70% Remain under 30 to vote for me and cancel the Brexit mess.

East Kent’s UKIP pensioners have failed their children and grandchildren and failed themselves – East Kent with its universities and tourism and STEM exports would be decimated by Brexit.

Even the KCC election was a damp squib of Tory majority and unknowns again – and Wells and Fairbrass at TDC lame ducks.

As an Independent South Thanet MP I will be able to raise East Kent and ASEAN issues in Parliament across all the parties not be a mere seatwarmer and puppet handraiser.

Nor the same-old same-old from the traditional parties that have failed us.

Mackinlay is a busted flush.

* I am at Ramsgate High St at noon most days to discuss my manifesto - come along.

* Vote out LocalCraig Tory election fraud and UKIP dragging East Kent down.

Volunteers and donations and office wanted: Crowdfunder page:

Vote Garbutt 8th June.

Time for Change

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