Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Yawn. KCC election tomorrow: who'd know?

A few brief points:

* Who'd know the KCC election was on? Invisible candidates and no manifestos - certainly nothing of substance. Yawn.

* A laughable announcement of squillions of Manston investment by DTD consultancy with a mysterious unknown aviation company. Yawn.

* In Ramsgate vote Ian Driver (Ind) and Rushan Ara (Lab) as the best chance to begin reform of KCC and East Kent

* Vote out Shonk and Heale and Wells - indeed any UKIP and doublehatters.

* Vote out Ken Gregory.

* You cannot vote for KCC Leader Paul Carter even if you wanted to: "planes fly out ot sea"

Time of ran investigation into TDC and Infratil removing Manston monitors and faking the pollution data.

Garbutt for MP 8th June:

* I am at the Comfort Inn polling station on Victoria Parade all day and Ramsgate high St at noon to discuss my manifesto - come along.

* Vote out LocalCraig Tory election fraud and UKIP dragging East Kent down.

Volunteers and donations and office wanted: Crowdfunder page:

Time for Change

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