Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Garbutt MP: let 1,000 flowers bloom in Meiji Kent. And beyond.

Tim Garbutt candidate MP for South Thanet in East Kent in 8th June election said:

"Actually it should be 1,912 flowers not 1,000 that should bloom across East Kent. And not just any old flowers but the rare Kent Orchids.

Orchids are the flower of East Kent - indeed they should probably feature on the East Kent flag of a white horse on a green background.

And a gift of 1,912 Kent Orchids would form the basis of Meiji Kent Flower Diplomacy with USA and Japan to commemorate the 1912 donation of 3,000 cherry blossom trees from the mayor of Tokyo to Washington DC.

And apt for the Johnny Appleseed programme of Climate Change.

East Kent's famous orchids should also be used to build greater links with Japan and USA and other nations across ASEAN and the Levant and Africa.
And of course our near-neighbours in Benelux and Europe.

As MP I will be urging KCC's $3BN budget and Foreign Office and - a reformed British Council after the Myanmar scandal -funds to encourage the orchid industry as well as the beautification of our towns and villages.

And, fittingly with the Visit Kent Tourism initiative on Battle of Medway #BOM350, reviving the Battle of Flowers.

In the first instance orchids should be prioritised for Virginia, USA and Japan ie for Fukuoka and Virginia Beach, and Osaka of course, and Beaufort, North Carolina with San Diego.

And of course Ostend in Flanders and Calais on the Opal Coast and Rotterdam.

Consideration should also be given to the existing twin towns as well as Arnhem and Almeria and Ramsgate and Margate in South Africa and Australia. While the dusty KCC links to Hungary, and Poland, Bulgaria and Romania should be revived.

How absurd that Canterbury and CCU University – and the Broadstairs tourism campus -with one of the largest Romanian populations outside Bucharest has no Sister City programmes in place.

While a fresh look needs to be taken on how the various Japan and USA think-tanks and societies and university courses are funded and coordinated if UK is to achieve its export aims already some 17 years behind schedule.

So that 1,000 flowers can bloom rather than the usual rash of cement projects poisoning the well of political discourse - and sustainable economic and cultural development - in The Garden Of England.

Time for Change

• Time for vote of no confidence in TDC: the latest UKI(P defection back to Tories means almost a hung council: 28 UKIP to 27 non-UKIP

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