Friday, 5 May 2017

Gazette letter: KCC election and Garbutt for MP 8th June

Dear Editor

It‘s time for the MP election on 8th June now the KCC election is over.

Clearly LocalCraig being renominated despite the Tory election fraud from the 2015 election is an insult to the public. And that with nothing done in the last 2 years despite promises on Manston and the town centres and Port - and that with the BrettGate cement scandal.

While UKIP have had Farage refusing to stand and explain Manston and Thor mercury and TDC Leader Wells snubbed.

And Space Cadet LibDem Russ Timpson with his absurd NASA plans for Manston has refused to stand.

The Greens and Labour are invisible.

And perhaps the weakest Party Leaders since 1945 and probably another very low turnout.

The national parties have failed us with parachute candidates and cover-up councillors and corrupt civil servants.

If you want your local area to improve then it’s clear the best choice is me as an Independent Green: close Manston and dig up the runway and end the Pleasurama corruption and begin Climate Change policies.

Or would you vote LocalCraig or UKIP again?

Time for Change
Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate



* a dull KCC election - surely the last one with ballots stored overnight and no vote at 16

* UKIP wipeout: clearly a wasted vote on 8th June and the end of TDC UKIP and Wells: vote of no confidence overdue

* a strange Ramsgate result: one Tory and one Labour both unknown. Maybe they'll be brilliant? Certainly they must be keen to speak up on Manston and Pleasurama and Thor etc?

* turnouts in Kent seem to be around 30% - any lower and the elections should be void and rerun with better policies and candidates rather than just voting for the rosette? As with the Tory election fraud of supporters bussed in.

* Laughable announcement of possibly/maybe/perhaps £200M Manston investment from mystery DTD Consulting in Germany and mystery aviation company. And the day before the election very dodgy. An EIR/FOI request will flush out the documents and emails with TDC or KCC. And top think Infratil sold Manston for $1 given the removal of the pollution monitors with TDC and faking the data and fines.

Time for Change


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