Thursday, 10 December 2009

Airport crashes and burns

Coventry airport closed.

Kemble airfield expands as a breaers yard for derelict aircraft.

With Heathrow or Gatwick or Stansted slated for expansion – if any – then regional airports make little sense.

Ever tighter environmental restrictions, noise control, air pollution.

Unless you’re Manston of course.

Built on the water supply? No problem.

No effective radar? No problem.

Removal of noise monitors? No problem.

Removal of air monitors? No problem.

Council to fudge consultations? No problem.

County council happy for an airport far away from them? No problem.

Council to pay for the airport’s consultation? No problem.

Council to pay for an extra council quango of councillors? No problem.

Dumping jumbo jets on the water supply? No problem.

A Masterplan of 2M passengers. Up from zero. And more than double the whole population of Kent? No problem.

And a cancer rate in Thanet double the UK average. Either 11 years or 17 years early death rate compared to the rest of Kent. Even the official figures aren’t sure exactly how bad it is.

The only question now is which councillors and civil servants decided to remove the monitors.

And when will Manston close.

Will it be this week? Will it be next week? Will it be over Xmas? Will it last to the next February night flight farce consultation?

Will the councillors and civil servants wait for a crash?

When exactly will the Gang of Four of Latchford, White, Samuel and Ezekiel explain what has been going on at ManstonGate and ChinaGate and Thor mercury to the 130,000 people that elect them and fund their salaries.

For 0% salary fraud and no regeneration at all we seem to be paying for criminal incompetence at worst and mere bumf at best.

Will they be hanging on for 2011 election? Will they be hanging on for the May 2009 election?

They won’t need a payoff or pension for poisoning the public will they?

What exactly is the point of the Gang of Four now?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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Bertie Biggles said...

Tim, what contribution does Fire School at Manston make to air pollution over Thanet? Saw a huge petro-chemical cloud blowing over the town of Margate yesterday at about 300ft, from a 'training fire'. How many fires per year do they set up? How many years has this been happening? With winds predominantly SE, the crap from their training fires blows over the Thanet residential areas.