Monday, 7 December 2009

Cancer East Kent

Another front page article on cancer in East Kent.

Clearly smoking would affect cancer figures a little. But most people don’t smoke.

So why would there be over double the national average of lung cancer.

And a specialist cancer ward.

A mortality rate dying at age 69 rather than 81 like the rest of Kent?

Certainly an airport – especially if you remove and don’t replace the air monitoring.

What were the civil servants and politicians thinking?

No-one would know?

No-one would mind?

They could “lose” the paperwork?

They’d keep their jobs and pensions anyway?

Hustle through fake consultations?

Even fake 0% payrises?

Polluted water wouldn’t help. Nor contaminated land like Thor and Richboro and the Gasworks – all that dust blowing around.

Here’s the estuary airport protest site funded by KCC with suggestions that Manston should be used instead.

Looks like dumping all the toxic waste far away from Maidstone.

Which councillors and civil servants thought it would be a good idea to build a cargo airport next to the towns and on the water supply.

And remove the noise and air monitors.
Let’s hope the “cleaner, greener, safer” Thanet strategy isn’t just mere lip-service.

Although it certainly looks that way as still the planes fly over the towns.

And none of our politicians or civil servants seem able to enforce public safety.

If it doesn't reach 2M passengers or can only do so by removing the safety checks what are the plans?

Building on the runway? But the water's already polluted.

Extra safety checks? But that was promised. The water's polluted.

And none of the other contaminated land sites are even being discussed by our politicians and civil servants.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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