Thursday, 17 December 2009

Death by Council in Toxic Thanet

Why exactly are the Gang of Four still clinging to their roles and pay cheques for failure?

Where are the noise and air monitors that were “improved” at each consultation for expansion by being removed?

Why exactly will the councillors not discuss the cleanup at Thor, the Gasworks and Richboro and the cleanup schedules?

Are the civil servants running rings round them or is it keep quiet in the cosy club of incompetence that passes for Thanet governance?

The MP's and councillors and civil servants can't claim they didn't know of the problems. Where are the Cabinet and Board minutes on fixing the problems?

Are they sat in Margate twiddling their thumbs while the towns are contaminated and collapse?

Of course.

The worst council in Britain - rated by the Government itself

The highest mortality rate in Kent with an 11 year and even 17 year death rate gap.

The mysterious 1,750 casualty rate.

The most polluted water supply under the airport.

Time for Roger Latchford and Sandy to resign: who is competent enough to replace them?

Time for Brian and Richard to be sacked: for £250k plus expenses can we afford to have them letting the towns crash and burn?

Time for a review of the performance of Ramsgate Town Council: an effective town council as before 1974 or a ceremonial and minor duplicate of TDC as after 1974.

For £60M of tax take and 0% fake payrises and £25k Chinagate funds for Ramsgate Labour it can't be the money that's causing the collapse of the towns and closure of museums.

They're simply no good or just haven't a clue.

Except selling off land to cover their salaries and costs and waste.

And silence from Ladyman and Gale and Sandys.

Except their expenses.

As MP I will:

1. Close Manston - and estimate the death rate
2. End ChinaGate
3. Sack without pension or payoff any civil servants who are unable to clean up Toxic Thanet
4. Recall and refund the 0% and ChinaGate frauds and expenses
5. Publish the tax haven contracts - and all council (and KCC and quango) contracts and costs
6. Publish all MP costs each month - to the penny

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change in May 2010

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