Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The missing Thanet receipts and cleanup

Still no news on:

# TDC payroll and cars and expenses
# ChinaGate receipts and timesheets
# EKO £500k receipts and invoices
# Infratil and TDC noise and air monitoring records and flight log
# Thor and Richboro site visits and cleanup schedules
# The Pleasurama tax haven contracts and payments
# 0% salary increases payslips: before and after


Can’t be done.

Must be delayed.

And then it’s still impossible.

“Commercial confidentiality” doesn’t apply: all costs etc are disclosed. If you don’t want them disclosed then don’t do business with the public sector.

“Data protection” doesn’t apply: that’s for data on the public held by civil servants not civil servants costs.

If you don’t want civil servant costs disclosed then work for the private sector and fund the public sector.

“Crown copyright” doesn’t apply: that’s copyright funded from public funds for the public.

It’s very simple. All public costs and information is available for disclosure. FOI and EIR means every piece of local government and national government information is available: as soon as possible and no later than 20 days.

You might make an exception for certain pieces of military or MI5 information at certain times.

But while we’re awaiting Thanet’s state secrets here’s the credit card receipts from the son of the Congo President who’s accused of siphoning off public funds from the oil wells in Congo into shopping for clothes.

Global Witness Director Patrick Alley said: “The High Court ruling is a spectacular victory for the right of Congo’s citizens to know about how public officials are managing their country’s wealth and for freedom of speech in general. Public officials like Sassou-Nguesso should explain their financial affairs, not try to use the courts to block public debate.”

The documents can be viewed at:


The difference between this and MP’s claiming for moats or bell towers or civil servants funded by developers I’m not sure that there is a difference.

I do know though that all costs, documents, reports, emails, notes by government are funded by the pubic and ultimately approved by the public.

And they are now required by law to be made public.

So will our MP’s and civil servants publish all their costs each month?

So where are the EKO receipts?

Where are the Thor cleanup schedules?

And where are the Cabinet and Council meetings where these have been discussed and approved?

And which councillor and civil servants knew when the monitors were removed?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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