Monday, 21 December 2009

Thor mercury explosion and discharge

An extract from the latest report on Thor mercury near Nash Road estate and BandQ:

Incident occurred on 19th December 2007. Synthetic route (from Germany) was being scaled-up (by the persons interviewed) and ***********from the Wincham site). Uncontrolled events lead to reactor overpressure, separating the reactor lid and breaking a glass vessel containing toluene (about 50 Kg). Explosion and fire destroyed the plant. Nobody was hurt.

Date(s) of Investigation

Persons Interviewed
Include their job title or role (e.g. Safety Adviser, MD, or TU Rep)
**********Wincham Cheshire).

Decision for David Gregory (Inspector).

Description of the Incident

Explosion of pilot scale chemical reactor. No injuries or fatalities.

Agents Involved

Stage 1.
Phosphorus trichloride
Toluene (solvent)
HCL gas (evolved)
Intermediate Bicyclic phosphate (CAS: 873-93-8)

Stage 2
Intermediate Bicyclic phosphate (CAS: 873-93-8)
Dimethylmethyl phosphonate (DMMP)
Iodine (catalyst)
TL1171 CAS: 3001-98-7 (product)
Underlying Causes
E.g. lack of management systems, safe systems of work.
Failure to adequately assess and characterize the chemical reaction hazards and engineer the pilot plant.

Action required by Client
To cease pilot scale operations before the site is decommissioned.

What has been going on?

A chemical explosion on a factory site next to a housing estate.

When the site was meant to have been closed in 1988 after poisoning several workers and the soil and water.

And the relocating to Cato Ridge in South Africa to do the same there.

Nothing from our MP's or councillors. Or even the police other than stay inside and close the windows. And earlier this year maintaining that all is proper and correct at Thor and Infratil.

Clearly it's not.

TDC removing air and noise monitors at Manston with Infratil. And now a notorious polluter continuing to merrily cook up chemical explosions on the polluted site.

20 years after it was meant to close.

Heads down at TDC. Deny. Pretend everything's fine. Lie. Not our problem.

Where are the Cabinet and Council minutes on cleaning up these toxic sites?

Where are the cleanup schedules?

Where are the soil and water sdamples?

Where are the injury and death forecasts?


What a mess.

Time for Change.

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Richard Card said...

I will add the information you have published to my submission to Iraq Inquiry Tim. The Iraq Inquiry Cttee acknowledged the submission.

I have also written to Baroness SCOTLAND Attorney General to oppose her idea for appointing Kent Chief constable Mike FULLER to a civilian role as Chief Inspector of CPS.

If you care to Google the name "Jean BULTOT" "Supermarket murders" Tim ? It has emerged that he was involved with military training courses at Deal Royal Marines Barracks with James SHORTT circa 82. The Sec of State for Defence has replied to my MP that the training activity had no Crown Authority (to take place in UK).

Would be a pity to let another Kent Chief constable skip the parish whilst so many Iraq war related questions are unanswered

(SHORTT was a director of Special Training Services Ltd in touch with South Africa's Dr Wouter Basson who was trading, operation Coast, with Thor of Margate for "Red mercury" the subtance allagedly supplied on to Saddam and part of the bogus case for invasion of Iraq)

Now what do you think of yer police Thanet ? "Close your windows
there is no danger" like they would know. It took my later FOI applicatiosn to reveal the existing aquifer contaiminations by Thor and Sericol.

Keep up your efforts Tim.