Monday, 14 December 2009

Pegwell Bay and windfarm construction

This is an article on the £27M cabling contract for the Vattenfall windfarm

That’s a big contract: £27M just for part of the cabling.

I noticed yesterday by the Jet petrol station on the Pegwell/Richboro foreshore that Carillion were digging concrete-lined trenches.

How does the cabling get from those trenches out to the windfarm of the North Foreland without digging up the seabed of Pegwell Bay a RAMSAR and UNESCO site?

A Planning error as foolish as building a petrol station on the floodline and draining the airport’s aviation fuel into the Bay.

Or building the airport on the underground water reservoir.

And is the cabling contract is £27M and the windfarm is the world’s biggest windfarm – which presumably costs a lot more than £27M - why has Brian White accepted only £175,000 for a developer contribution? That will hardly cover the 0% pay rise fraud.

And which councillors approved this?

It looks to me like Thanet’s natural assets are being sold off on the cheap and the civil servants are running rings round the councillors to boost payrises out of the £60M council taxtake.

And the Sunday Times yesterday described the decibel levels of windfamrs were downgraded to 33 decibels (still a lot less than the c.120 decibels for jet engine noise). How is TDC monitoring the noise.

Especially given Infratil and TDC removed the noise monitors and never replaced them. And removed the air monitor just 4 months ago - at the time of the fake night flight consultation.

We can guess can’t we.

Time for a consultation on the performance of our civil servants and councillors. Especially as Thanet is rated one of Britian's sworst councils. By the Government itself.

Time for resignations and P45's for failuire from the Gang of Four. No payoffs. No pensions. No public sector jobs.

And we have "death by council" with toxic sites such as Thor and Richboro. And now a 17 year health gap between Thanet and the rest of Kent.

Our civil servants and councillors make Thanet the laughing stock of governance. And mere fraud and waste of what assets we do have.

What have they been doing?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change

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