Saturday, 5 December 2009

Lung cancer double in Thanet

Front page of the Thanet Gazette.

As you'd expect in Toxic Thanet:

* air and noise monitors removed from 24/7 cargo airport by TDC and Infratil
* ChinaGate cargo warehouses plan on the Manston water supply
* 6 dumped jumbo jets on Manston water supply left by KCC and TDC
* RAF base without monitoring or similar deceit
* Thor mercury near Nash Road housing estate, B&Q and Hornby: closed-but-not-closed for 25 years
* permits to pollute and discharge into Pegwel Bay
* Pegwell and Stour most polluted river in UK after Medway
* Richboro cancer towers derelict
* The mystery of toxic Tivoli Brook
* Ramsgate and Margate gasworks derelict for 10 years
* The fake EUJet and Night Flights rubber-stamp consultations
* The EA report on "not polluting your water supply" to TDC in July
* Old Sericol site pumps switched off

No mention from councillors. No mention from civil servants. No toxin and cleanup schedules.
No Cabinet minutes. No Chief Executive and Board minutes. No Forward Plan details.
No Leader report details. No Chief Executive report details.

Removing air and noise monitors twice isn't an accident. Nor is not replacing them.

It can't be money. There's £60M in tax take at TDC and £22M in salaries. Plus £2Bn in tax at KCC.

Both MP's state from the EA seminar in June that the airprot and Thor are "well-run and there is no safety or pollution risk".


It's not for you to know. Pay your tax. Shut up.

A report on Bhopal:

The highest lung cancer rate.

Dying at 69 years old not 81 years old.

The most polluted water supply.

Thanet not Bhopal.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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