Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New Year. New Council

Hard to know which was the biggest failure of 2009:

#The on-off, never-seen Ferry
#Manston and on-off BAWC cargo night flights
#Manston: removing the air monitors prior to the on-off, never seen night flights consultation of August, September, October, March maybe May
#Manston: the missing noise monitors
#Tax haven Pleasurama on-off, never seen whatever the plans were – only until 4th Jan to register tax haven duties and income with Customs
#ChinaGate on-off, never seen warehouses or something after 12 months
#The on-off, never seen reconstruction of the Granville Folly
#Ramsgate Town Council established but grinding to a halt in ceremony, protocol and inaction
#The missing EKO and ChinaGate expenses and timesheets, TDC £2M office refit from disabled grants
#Dreamland: another year derelict

The only certainly is the 0% pay rise fraud that were £30,000 increases and delays on providing the TDC payroll costs.

Do councillors not review these at Cabinet or Council meetings? – obviously not or where are the minutes? And if they’re not reviewing the £2M civil servant wage bill nor the above points what are they doing?

Maybe it’s tired pensioner politics: somewhere out of the rain, a cup of tea and do what the civil servants tell them.

Maybe it’s an acceptance of bungs, fiddles and maladministration: harder to jail elected councillors but certainly easier to do so for civil servant involved in these kinds of maladministration and grease.

Not good enough for some of the worst deprivation in Kent, the highest cancer rate and a 17 year health gap between the rest of Kent and one of the worst UK councils.

Time to:

#Sack the Gang of Four: no good and failed.
#Close Manston and clean the water supply
#End ChinaGate
#Clean up Toxic Thanet and the contaminated land: Richboro, Thor, Manston and Gasworks
#Build Pleasurama: with green technology, an ice-rink and below the cliff
#Establish a “2nd Pfizer” for employment
#Cancel the New Road dual carriageway on farmland and improve the closed airport boundary road
#Review TDC and KCC and Quango payroll, expenses, cars, pensions
#Launch the Van Gogh Museum at the derelict former Cavallino building
#Publish all MP expenses monthly and establish recall for MP’s and councillors

And work out how many dead or their lives shortened through breathing unmonitored aviation fuel and mercury.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change in May 2010

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