Monday, 17 May 2010

Custom House and Albion House on the rates?

And the Tourist Office and Museum closed for "improved service"?

Ramsgate Town Council now have their accounts plus all costs and invoices available for public scrutiny (they’re also available all year round under FOI – but the Audit Commission can’t sign them off if the public refuse to approve them) yet still no detail of salaries, pensions created and most importantly the costs and contract for the Custom House.

Clearly there’s a bit of the 1960’s council secrecy and jiggerpokery in voting for the Custom House instead of remaining and repainting Albion House – and even refusing to vote on the petition of thousands of signatures presented to council over 8 months ago.

And the civil servants leading the councillors by the nose.

With c.£20M provided by Ramsgate taxpayers it’s hardly a reason to close Museums or Tourist Offices or leave Albion House derelict or sold for flats – apart from the usual miniMargateism that RTC is meant to prevent.

The logic of having 2 buildings on the rates is absurd especially given no support for leaving Albion House (or leaving it unrepaired).

And over a year lost in petty organisation given most of the councillors are duplicates from TDC anyway – no wonder that’s one of Britain’s worst councils and has destroyed Thanet

We seem to have the same mini-TDC culture of secrecy and failure on the rates.

Ask for your copy of the RTC accounts, invoices etc: 01843 591142 or 5912495

Of course why these or any minutes since November are not on the RTC website
is ridiculous.

Far better to boycott council tax and business rates in protest.

If they don’t get the money they can’t waste it.

Direct debits can be cancelled. Delayed payments made. Incorrect payments made and so on.

Our councils fail to understand that all funds and decisions need detailing with full transparency.

It’s not the 1970’s.

It is 2010 though: where are this year’s tourist plans? Where’s the budget? Where are next year’s plans?

What have they been doing?

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