Sunday, 2 May 2010

The dead of Infratil

How many poisoned by aviation fuel from low-level flights over the towns?

It’s not candy floss from a 747 exhaust pipe is it?

It's neat kerosene plus various other toxic chemicals and anti-freeze.

More concerning is the repeated breaches by Infratil: 2 flights between 6-7pm in over the towns on Thursday and Friday. Plus flights over the towns today.

With fuel droplets drifting over a 20 mile square area – and further with a following wind- the lung cancer can only increase.

And affects the young, ill and elderly the most.

Perhaps most concerning of all is not only are these flights specifically banned under the 106 operating guidelines for the airport.

But Infratil and TDC removed noise and air monitors form 2006 every time there were discussions on expansion.

Richard Samuel as Chair of KIACC when the first monitors were removed from a tower block and school and Brian White subsequently as member of KIACC and Environmental Protection Director subsequently.

With two of the Gang of Four stepping down form active politics only Messrs White and Samuel remain to assist Infratil in continuing to pollute the public.

Clearly there has been a behind-doors arrangement to allow repeated breaches and downgrade safety measures to expand the airport at the cost of the public.

And bizarre and fraudulent recent 0% payrises for Messrs Samuel and White – still refusing to release the before and after payslips of increases of several thousand pounds of public funds.

With the whole runway built on the drinking water supply – with a SEEDA taxpayer-funded car park on top of it - as well we seem to be paying for Infratil and our council officials and local politicians to poison us.

Only silence form Gale, Ladyman and Sandys from their previous statements on supporting expansion.

No wonder.

No votes in poisoning your own public.

And an airport on the drinking water supply?

Another concern is the Gang of Four’s ChinaGate plans for cargo warehouses on greenfield land have died a death as a leftover from the Manston 24 hour cargo airport plans.

While trips to China for the Gang of Four plus Steve Ladyman, offers of donations from the CGP/Jet Summit developer to both main parties, and Ramsgate Labour Party’s largest–ever donation of £25k accepted led to nothing except public protest.

But the £87M excessive roadworks remain as anothe rleftover for a 24 hour cargo airport – here’s a link:

As you can see we seem to be funding £87M of roadworks for a coil of road of 3 miles from the airport roundabout down to Richboro – which involves not 1 but 2 new railway bridges.

Yet all the junctions have traffic lights so traffic delays are unlikely to be reduced as the original plan details – and the existing road remains. With traffic backing up from the disastrous planning failure of Westwood Cross, the white elephant of a dual carriageway across farmland for a collapsed cargo airport remains.

And – in the bottom right hand corner – another sewage drain into Pegwell Bay a UNESCO wetland; presumably alongside the existing sump drain form Infratil. All repeatedly cited by the Environment Agency as heavily-polluting.

A drain not included in the official; outline plan – yet details how noise and air quality will deteriorate requiring massive earthbanks and severs footpaths, drainage ponds and cycling paths and removing 39 hectares of farmland.

Our councillors and politicians will no doubt claim that monitoring of road pollution would be in place – but they still maintain that’s the case with Infratil.

4 days to a national election and our politicians stay silent: nothing to say nothing to do.

Not one Thanet policy: vague statements on "reducing crime" or "creating jobs". You don't say. That's it after 30 years for Gale and 13 years for Ladyman and 3 years in the area for Sandys and 10 minutes for the other chap?

No wonder a Hung Parliament will collapse if this is what we're electing.

Boycotting the election pushed the electoral mandate under 50% and why vote for non-policies. If they can't tell us at election time when can they?

And we have councils built upon selling public land – or buying essential farmland with public funds - for unnecessary, badly-planned and expensive white elephants.

A Maidstone County Council of Roadworks.

Nothing that will improve the Thanet economy and derelict town centres as East Kent becomes the East Midlands of Planning vanity projects of out of town shopping centres, cargo airports, dual carriageways, roundabouts and tarmac.

And silence on the dead of Infratil.

How many do you think will have died?

Time for Change.

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