Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Kiddie Kidney Cancer and the Toxic Three

A very sad article in Your Thanet on a child with kidney cancer: losing one, 9 months of chemotherapy, trips to London and the specialist cancer wards at the QEQM.

Very sad.

A rare cancer too. Unusual. Just like a specialist leaukaemia ward at the QEQM. Unusual to have such a specialist ward at an out of the way hospital.

But not to be unexpected though with Infratil and Thor and Richboro and the FireDepot and no details of the toxin levels or cleanup.

And the fake monitroing of TDC and Infratil at Manston.

With the Gang of Four now reduced to the Toxic Three of Samuel, White and Latchford it seems all the more unusual that we have no public statements on the missing monitors and water pollution – and even more bizarre that with the drinking water supply under the runway planes are still flying.

Here’s a weblink showing the aquifer under the runway and there’s also an open sewer outfall into Pegwell bay.

On a different note there’s lots of activity at the Port in clearing the land to build … an office block for Vattenfall. The usual Big Box Brian solution that makes everywhere look like Westwood Cross.

And a car park too – isn’t that what the nearby NCP is for?

We seem to have a council that can only give itself planning permission woth public land to waste it in pointless construction and car parks.

None of the plans ever include anything in terms of a smaller footprint and greener footprints for Climate Change. The old folks at the council wihll have shuffleds off this mortal coil and left business parks, energy parks, retail parks but no park parks for their children and grandchildren.

Maybe fewer kidneys too if they can’t clean up the water more promptly. What have they been doing?

Now I think Vattenfall are an excellent company and the windfarm is a good idea although it’s not the best form of renewables and likely to only last 10 years or so.

But building an office block? Isn’t that what the empty business parks are for? And there’s already a new office block welded into one of the many empty warehouses.

With the mystery Custom House purchase on the rates we seem to be building buildings when there’s plenty of empty offices and a duplication of public sector buildings.

0% for effort from the Toxic Three and surely it’s time they repaid their fake payrises. Breathtaking after the scandals of ManstonGate and ChinaGate they then fiddle a fake 0% payrise.

Canterbury Council fall over themselves when there's a sewage leak and TDC give themselves payrises for failing to spot a banned mercury factory was opoen 20 years and help the airport to downgrade the monitors as the airport expands.

It's your council and your relatives, give Brian or Richard or Morgan Sproates a ring and ask for an update.

An interview with the BBC later on Thor and Richboro.

We seem to have civil servants and councillors that can only at best tax and waste and at worse tax and steal or tax and pollute.

Time for the Toxic Three to come clean on the mess and muck they’ve created.

And only silence from our 56 councillors and MP’s.

No statements.

No questions in council.

No agenda items in council.

No minutes from meetings.

We vote ‘em and pay ‘em and get only silence. And cancer.

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