Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Thanet election: stop the pollution, stop the corruption,

stop the construction - (an aside that, Ramsgate Town Council's annual accounts and costs are available for public scrutiny and Audit Commission sign-off but not online as yet):

Stop the Pollution:

• Close Manston airport: built on the polluted drinking water supply

- and repeated safety breaches by TDC and Infratil

• Thor mercury factory near Hornby - publish toxin cleanup details: should have closed in 1988 but remains open

• Clean the gasworks sites in Ramsgate and Margate: arsenic and cyanide in the soil and dust

• Demolish the derelict and polluting Richboro power station

• Clean up Pegwell Bay: one of the two most polluted sites in Kent

• NHS joint-monitoring of TDC pollution sites to reduce the third world death rates

Stop the Corruption:

• Repay fraudulent TDC civil service 0% pay rises for Messrs Samuel and White

• Sack the Gang of Four of Messrs Samuel, White, Ezekiel and Latchford and underperforming civil servants and councillors

• Publish all £22m (almost 50% of a council tax budget of £60m!) civil servant salaries, expenses, cars, pensions and other benefits each month

• End Chinagate completely and refund the £25k Labour party donations to charity

• End “minimargateism” – create Margate Town Council, reopen Ramsgate Tourist Centre and Albion House Town Hall to the public and MP offices upstairs

Stop the Construction:

• Halt overdevelopment: no new build houses except on brownfield

• End garden grabbing construction

• Halt new road construction

• Reverse the dereliction of the town centres

• Rollback development at Westwood Cross and introduce parking charges

• Expand greenbelt and parks

Here’s an article from March’s Independent on Sunday on air pollution in the UK -clearly the collusion by civil servants and our councillors and MP’s to expand Manston has seriously endangered the health of many members of the public:


We await explanations on why noise and air monitors were removed and not replaced by Infratil and TDC, why there are repeated breaches of the 106 airport regulations and consultations and why the airport is still allowed to pollute the drinking water supply - and why after months and years our councillors, civil servants and MP’s remain silent.

Vote with your feet and boycott thr election: don't vote or spoil your ballot paper and boycott council tax: cancel direct debits, provide underpayments and incorrect amounts, delay payment etc.

30 years of failure from Gale, 13 years of failure from Ladyman and 3 years of silence from Sandys.

8 years of failure from Samuel and White.

No Thanet policies from any of them and no nationaal policies from the main parties. An election built on empty phrases or silence.

Don't waste your vote by voting for more failure.

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