Saturday, 1 May 2010

Your duty not to vote: boycott the election

I've written an article on KOSmedia about the Bishop of Dover recommending people vote. Perhaps not surprising for a State-authorised Church.

Article extract below on a "Kent 10 Commandments" to regenerate the area.

Voting is important - but only if the people we elect actually improve things.

Deliberately removing pollution monitors from Manston is a criminal act by our council and politicians covering up the damage by Messrs Samuel and White of the Gang of Four.

And still the planes fly breaching all the specified safety guidleines.

We have a council working against the safety of its public and so wrapped up in procedure and deceit it still continues to endanger the public.

Have Infratil been warned? When? Where is the documentation? Have compensation claims for the repeated breaches being raised? A cargo airport is hardly a candy floss stall.

Monitors have repeatedly been removed and not replaced from 2006 to allow stealth expansion despite the known haazards. While the bureaucratic figleaf of "Air Quality Management Areas" under the flightpath do little to reduce pollution. Certainly not before the death toll rises.

I'm concerned at Dreamland: 100% of public funds is now being used to purchase the site yet 50% of the site will be held by MRTC private developers.

This seems bizarre.

We seem to have missed 3 or 4 summers of the funfair being closed, to now fund part of it reopening - in a few years time.


Presumably only then to allow 50% of the site to be used for housing and a Tesco.

Something that's hardly in short supply in Margate or Westwood Cross.

Councils acting as agents for developers for public land sales. Or mere white elephant vanity projects like Westwood Cross "4th town centre" nonsense.

The whole site now funded by the public needs to be reopened urgently.

I also think Arlington House needs demolishing to allow a fresh overhaul of the whole Dreamland site, as an eyesore and after 50 years, coming to the end of its useful life.

Here's the article extract:

Surprise, surprise, we don’t trust politicians, nor their policies – or the faked consultations to approve them. Party whips mean we’re simply electing Party robots as mere handraisers and seatwarmers for Party interests and careers not the public interest.

While with the failure to implement fixed terms or a Bill of right or elected Lords we’ve endured a political system that’s taken 234 years to simply arrive at what the Americans have had all along.

Proportional representation? Most of Europe for 30 years along with Canada and Australia.

A Bill of Rights and right to jury trial? The UN Charter for 60 years.

Clearly the UK isn’t at the stage of Thailand, Kyrgystan or even Belgium at the moment we’re it’s best to simply to overthrow the current failed regime. And the English tradition of riots from Kent’s Swing Riots, Chartists or Poll Tax is unlikely given we usually can vote out our parties.

And crucially we now have “recall “ of councillors and MPs – again something along with FOI our American cousins rapidly introduced once they’d realised they didn’t want us Brits running their country.

Yet if Bishop Willmott really cared about politics and the public in Kent then not only would he support a boycott of the election, and even council tax, to remind our politicians that the public run this place, but he’d adopt the Ten Commandments of Kent:

1. Thou shalt adopt the UN Millennium Goals in all Kent’s churches and public organisations
2. Thou shalt adopt not only a Tobin Tax to annually reduce world poverty but also a one-off Tobin Fund to instantly underwrite the UN Millennium Goals
3. Thou shalt not allow the cargo ships of the English Channel nor the cars of Kent’s motorways to pollute your flock
4. Thou shalt ban KCC from investing public funds in tobacco, alcohol and arms companies or war crimes firms such as Total petrol
5. Thou shalt publish online with receipts all salaries, costs and expenses for MP’s, councillors and civil servants as automatic FOI
6. Thou shalt seek the good grace of Pfizer in East Kent and Glaxo in West Kent to expand their Malaria, HIV and TB research and vaccines
7. Thou shalt not pollute East Kent’s water supply by allowing the Environment Agency and local councils to issue “permits to pollute” for the Medway, Stour, Thor and Richboro
8. Thou shalt feed East Kent’s many thousands through reseeding the North Sea with fish
9. Thou shalt take no other renewables source except solar as thine in Kent given our warmer climate to better reduce Climate Change
10. Thou shalt use thy good offices to extend Canterbury’s UNESCO sites to St Augustine’s landing at Pegwell Bay

If the Bishop could enable these Kent 10 Commandments then it would go much further than mere votes for the same tired parties.

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If it is your duty not to vote then you should watch the video called "I Wont Vote" by local punk band Crimewave