Wednesday, 12 May 2010

the dead of Manston and Thor and Kent Police

An update from Mark Brotherhood of Kent Police who's been liaising with Infratil on overflights and cancer etc: drop him a line or phone if you'd like an update:

Some bits below on Thor and RTC too.

Hi Mark

Thanks for your letter from our discussion last week although I’m not sure why Kent Police are referring me to KIACC/TDC or the CAA again. Both organisations have highlightedf these problems several times: noise monitors, water pollution etc.

I’d also like to provide a formal witness statement – I’m surprised that Infratil had been interviewed by the Police before speaking to me.

As we discussed the 106 is in place but is being repeatedly breached.

There are no Council minutes or waiver or agreement or vote for these repeated breaches. Yesterday for example there were c.3 flights directly over the towns in breach of flight paths, etc.

Clearly the danger and increased air pollution endangers the public – similar to corporate manslaughter

It’s clear – given for example the removal of noise monitors by Infratil and TDC and no replacements provided, the mobile monitors fixed at the rural ends of the runway and no mobile monitors placed in the town centres - there has been a quiet arrangement by the politicians, civil servants and Infratil at KCC and TDC to allow expansion of the airport by removing the safety measures detailed in the 106.

Can you advise please: as we discussed it’s a matter of record that Thanet has a high lung cancer rate, some roads with over 4x the EU pollution limit and the airport is built on the drinking water supply.

As we discussed, every day simply increases the pollution and death rate.

Can you also advise on your investigations of Thor mercury given the site should have closed in 1988 but hasn’t – I’ll forward an update from South Africa and the Thor toxic site there following the supposed closure in Margate.

Clearly it seems as though pollution sites such as Thor, Manston, the MOD firestation and Richboro seem of more concern in endangering political, civil service and police careers.

I’ll add this to my blog for public viewing.

Kindest regards



Thor: I've a PDF of an update from Thor in South Africa if anyone would like an email copy.

Also an update form Morgan Sproates of TDC Contminated Land that there were verbal updates to TDC Cabinet last year but no written records and there may be an inspection of the site next year. No details of the contamination - although the South Africans can detail the exact amnounts of waste at their toxic dump


Ramsgate Town Council: still no update on the costs of Custom House and Alboon House and why a move to Custom House is cheaper/better than decorating Albion House - and having both buildings on the rates. Seems to me that without that information the public can't take a view on whether it's a sensible decision or just a vanity project. At least FOI can provide the contract, minutes, costs etc etc - and still no sign of the Pleasurama details


Vattenfall are looking to expand the windfarm yet it seems close in to shore to me and is already the world's biggest of c.£500M - with only £175k agreed by TDC as a development cost there should be more done to ensure the windmills are further out to sea, redevelopment of Richboro, loss of tourism value etc.

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