Monday, 23 March 2009

council tax strike: electoral reform

News of the official complaint for Tony McNulty's expenses claims as a Minister must surely provide greater reform of the system.

Surely Messrs Gale, Ladyman and Sandys will step forward and sign up to the electoral refoms I will implement as MP:

* full disclosure of all expenses - with receots: none of this "no receipt up to £250" business
* full disclosure of staff and office costs: none of this "all lumped together " business
* no family member employed: when did representignthe public become a family business?
* an MP "annual report": successes and fasilures from the region and Westminster: who knows what Messrs Ladyman, Sandys and Gale think or do - expecept the decline of our towns
* an open diary: all meetings listed and displayed for full transparency: too many MP's spedn their time with lobby groups or other MP's
* all additional costs/expenses detailede: none of this "vouchers for John Lewis kitchens" business

In short full and open disclosure of all costs - and a monthly running total of costs and expenses and all receipts available for inspection and an annual report provided.

And I will call on councillors and councils for similar transparency with:

* Scores on the Doors: salaries, costs and expenses by depratment
* annual reports - and manifestos 6 months before an election: the County elections are 2 months away and no policies have been made public
* pension disclosure: 20% of all council tax is estimated to go on civil service pensions
* all meetings and muinutes FOI and EIR and transparent
* voting records published: the night flight councillors and ChinaGate councillors must surely struggle in the next elections

Implementing the above reforms will help ensure flagrant abuses such as ManstonGate and ChinaGate and Thor and Sericol - and Infratil and the Gang of Four's dodgy 106 become rare rather than the norm.

A council tax strike will help ensure reform of the area:

* cancel council tax and business rates direct debits
* delay all payments
* supply payment without cheques or to the wrong amounts
* as MP I will seek rebates for the dedecades of public sector failire and pollution of the water supply

And, with the sacking of the Gang of Four and end of ChinaGate and missing £25,000 the years and decades of failure will begin to be reversed.

Steve Ladyman has a 600 vote majority: he cannot win. Laura Sandys is an empty parachute candidate from the Party Machine.

Both remain silent on every major East Kent issue.

Their time is over.

Time for Change.

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