Saturday, 21 March 2009

council tax strike: sack the Gang of Four and MP's

Good to see Roger Gale MP meeting with the Commonwealth MP’s from Kenya and other parts of Africa.

Let’s hope they provide aid and democratic support to Margate.

“Your town burned down Mr Gale? You had 2M tourists when you became MP but it’s now none? And your council is one of the worst in Europe? Thor has poisoned the water table and workers with mercury? How can Kenya help?”

Surely Roger should be calling an emergency regeneration conference in Margate and drafting in KCC?

Why is Thor mercury Margate still not cleared up under Roger’s watch?

Has Roger given up? With the failure of the Gang of Four it looks as though he has.

A council tax strike seems the only way forward given the massive failures of Coastal Kent: decades of under-investment, corrurption and plain incompetence.

I've no doubt that Roger is a good constituency MP but the political failuire and regeneration failure from the Party machine in his constituency is clear to see.

The old guard is changing in Thanet: Steve Ladyman cannot win and Laura Sandys has achieved little as a parachute candidate.

With the destruction of Margate and failure of TDC surely Roger's time is over.

Did he not smell the smoke as Margate burned down? Did the fire at Thor mercury not alert him? Did TDC as one of Britain's worst councils not gain his attention?

20 poisonings in Africa at Thor mercury caused the factory to be closed down. In Margate it was still operating last year. And no clean-up has begun.

For years and decades?

As MP I will call on all MP's to adopt Policy #6: electoral reforms: full and transparent declaration of expenses, no payments to family members, open diaries and an MP's "annual report".

With over £100k of salaries and expenses and misc. allowances our MP's need to detail these costs and their work.

Steve to his credit has some of the better MP expense reports etc but Roger some of the worst.

Will they both adopt the improved standard? This way lies greater public accountability to help ensure public sector failures like TDC and Margate are resolved sooner.

The ChinaGate £25k donation needs returning to the public rather than the Labour Party.

Like Roger I have an interest in democracy and I will adopt Lord Boyce of Dover as one of my Lords for Commons scrutiny of the Peers: Lord Boyce was one of the Peers who saw the ships sat off the Burmese coast and did nothing. Please let me know any suggestions for the 2nd Peer.

Britain is the home of democracy but the roof's fallen in in Margate on Roger's watch.

No time for failure.

Time for Change.

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