Thursday, 19 March 2009

council tax strike: sack the Gang of Four

Council tax strike: you might want to think about the Audit Commission responsibilities on ensuring good Governance, value for money and general proper use of public funds.

Rare I know at TDC.

But there’s the document and telephone contact and email for reporting any misused of public funds (or time). A couple spring to my mind:

# closing museums: no manifesto item
# ChinaGate: where is the £25,000 developers donation: is that being returned top the public?
# Margate burning down
# Ramsgate’s seafront buildings falling down
# Noise and air monitoring at Manston: the Gang of Four’s Samuel and White tell us there is since 2005 but can’t actually confirm what
# Salaries, allowances and pensions
# Disabled budget double glazing for council offices
# Years and decades of deprivation and failed policies
# Thor mercury poisoning
# Infratil pollution into the sea and the aquifer under the airport
# 500 tonnes of industrial solvent in the aquifer form Sericol
Take your pick from almost any failed policy

MP salaries and allowances and expenses: nothing wrong with having them but where’s the full disclosure?

It’s your money raised through council tax and provided from the Government that you pay for through national tax and VAT.

A council tax strike should encompass:

# delayed council tax payments
# cancelling council tax direct debits
# returning paperwork late
# providing unsigned cheques

The normal process of civil disobedience when a region exerts more control over its public servants.

Council tax is probably the single biggest household bill after your mortgage/rent and car.

And rightly so: to improve the area for the benefit of all.

Ask the Audit Commission for their view on a council tax strike and TDC’s policies for failure.

Separately has anyone seen any manifestos from the County elections or MEP elections or Town Council elections in 2 months time?

When I 'm elected MP I will go further and insist on full MP and council salaries/allowances disclosure council tax rebates for the years and decades of failure. As a Parliamentary policy.

Time for Change.

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