Wednesday, 18 March 2009

council tax strike: resign Sandy and Roger

And sack the other two in the Gang of Four on your way out.

Remaining in power now is simply impossible.

A Failed Council. Failed Leaders.

Failed policies such as ChinaGate.

Endangering public health with ManstonGate and Thor and Sericol.


A council tax strike is necessary.

I advise the public to stop paying council tax in a campaign of civil disobedience:

* cancel direct debits
* delay cash payments.
* delay then post council tax payments with unsigned cheques.

As MP I will enforce a council tax and business rates rebate for years and decades of failure.

Our councillors, civil servants and MP's have failed us.

Sack them and begin a council tax strike as part of my Parliamentary election manifesto.

Our sheep-MP's remain silent.

I call on them to adopt the electoral reform policies: Policy #6.

As MP I will provide "open book" reporting on MP salary, expenses and allowances.

Our current MP's have nearly £100,000, with payments for wives and family, for representing a failed region.

As MP I will do none of these things: every penny will be receipted, published and accounted and open for inspection. On a monthly basis.

The same will be required for civil service heads and "Scores on the Doors" for departments and councillors.

Plus an annual MP report of successes and failures: no excuses for letting the towns fall down and burn down.

Sack the Gang of Four.

Begin a council tax strike.

Close Manston.

Close Thor.

No reward for failure.

Time for Change.

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