Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Time for a Council Tax Strike: Sack the Gang of Four

You have to wonder don't you:

* the most underperforming Council in Britain
* Standards Boards nonsense from two of the Gang of Four instead of policy to improve the area
* domestic tourism with its greatest potential in 30 years and no TDC policies
* disastrous town centre and seafront management: buidlings burning down and falling down
* TDC policy failuire: unanimous votes for dodgy ChinaGate: not a brick laid and £25,000 mislaid
* ManstonGate: sheep-councillor votes
* Ignoring the water pollution by Infratil with 106 fines of a DVD player
* Richard Samuel and Brian White of the Gang of Four allowing the removal of noise monitors and fudging air monitoring
* Thor mercury pollution and no clean-up except in Africa
* Sericol 500 tonnes of pollution
* silence from our sheep-MP's

The social contract is broken. Failure and 72% of council tax sent to Maidstone and the £2B KCC.

As MP I'll call for a council tax rebate and reductions for failure for the years and decades of disaster.

In the meantime it seems eminently sensible to commence a council tax strike and non-payment.

Cancel direct debits and standing orders.

Delay cash payments.

Commence civil disobedience in the face of such public failure.

If anyone asks say it's Parliamentary election policy.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

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