Friday, 6 March 2009

Toxic Thanet: don't drink the water or eat the mercury

I had a quick email invitation last night(!) for a presentation and discussion by the EnvironmentAgency on Monday(!) in Ashford(!) on Thanet's(!) water supply.

I won't be attending at short notice - but shouldn't it be held in Thanet so the tea and coffee and water can be drunk from the same supplies as the rest of the public?

Shouldn't the Taste Test along with scientific data be the EA's proof?

And where are TDC and KCC on Toxic Thanet: Sericol, Thor and Infratil? Last week the EA "suggested" an update for TDC: no response as yet.

No protection of the public and clearly with Infratil all safety standards have been waived to prop up 100 jobs and avoid another political failure like Grupo and all the other failed regeneration programmes.

I drink the water here but it's not recommended.

Infratil and Manston built on top of the drinking water supply.

Broken radar, noise monitors removed: if the politicians want to let the airport remove all the safety checks then fine just tell us and we can vote on it. The politicians know. And stand aside.

500 tonnes of cyclohex chemical - not soil, the chemical itself (a thousand oil drums?) - removed from Sericol.

Thor mercury: poisoning workers in Margate and Africa and the water supply through the 1980's. Until closed by Nelson Mandela. It never closed in Margate and no clean-up has begun.

Harvey Bradshaw, Andrew Ogden and Andrew Pearce are my EA contacts. Also Geoff Wild, Mike Austerberry and Linda Davies at KCC.

100 asbestos deaths in East Kent.

Please don't drink the water if you can help it: be especially careful with the very young or elderly.

Don't bathe in the sea especially near the outflow pipes.

Boiling the water won't remove benzene or other heavy metal chemicals.

What has been going on for years and decades of failure?

Vote for the Gang of Four, TDC and Steve Ladyman for the same.

And remember if there's another chemical fire at Thor as in Xmas 07(!) please close your windows.

Everything's fine say the police and Roger Gale.

Everything's fine. It's meant to be like this.

A seminar in Ashford? The EA and Police should be crawling all over these sites in chem-hazard suits until they're cleaned up.

Time for Change.

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