Monday, 2 March 2009

ladyman handbagging

MP's latest Gazette article summary: "Everything's great. Everyone else is rubbish. It wasn't me it was someone else".

With a 700 majority one of the lowest in the UK after 10 years.

Steve Ladyman's final weeks and months descend into failure.

Will our lame duck MP not resign and go to the electorate?

The ChinaGate £25,000 remains unpaid to the public for their land.

The Tesco bag of receipts is unopened.

Harbour blocked at a seaside town.

Aviation fuel pollution on the beaches.

Mercury pollution in the soil and water.

Buildings falling down. Margate burning down.

Silence from Laura Sandys.

The party machines collapse.

Failed. Failed . Failed.

Time for Change.


James Maskell said...

Wheres your policies? You havent run out already, surely not? I thought you had more than that.

Under which legislation will you sack the "Gang of Four"? You say that citing rulebooks dont work because the Council is apparently failed. But whether it is failed or not is in fact wholly irrelevant. The organisation exists and thus the documents upon which it exists are in full legal force. You say your policy is viable but thats patently false as anyone reading the posts between us will see. You havent proved your policy as viable at all. If the rulebooks didnt count then why is the Council even operating? Surely it would have no legal basis to exist and thus the organisation would have been disbanded by now.

You complain of procedures being breached and yet you say that such procedures dont count, because the Council is failed. Furthermore you reject opportunities to prove your accusations over Planning. You still have time to change your mind over the Planning Cmte meeting. I would urge you to reconsider. 18th March 7pm start.

You talk of suing TDC and then try to dismiss arguments against it as wrong without any supporting evidence that such a course of action will actually work. Its public money you will be frittering away with this pathetic lawsuit against TDC.

We will come to Infratil and Thor in time. Be patient.

Tim Garbutt said...

Still no mention of Thor and Infratil pollution James? Why not? I can't think of a more serious matter endangering the public.

Clealry you're putting your party loyalties before public service.

Why did you leave the party?

Policies: more to follow. Time on Thor is more important at the moment.

Your comments on rulebooks are nonsensical: I've explained this to you several times.

And Planning and your other points: you seem deaf to reason except acting as some kind of party political mouthpiece.

Unless you respond to the issues around Thor and Manston then it's pointless discussing policies with you other than 'tis 'tis not childishness.

Your comment that whether TDC is failed or not is irrelevant is simply absurd: a career at TDC does beckon.

If it's still there.

James Maskell said...

Regarding Infratil, Thor and your concerns about pollution, Im not going to comment on the specifics you make until I fully understand the situation. It would be folly to comment on something I have barely any knowledge of.

Perhaps I need to reiterate the point regarding rulebooks because its important. You contradict yourself in saying that the rulebooks dont count anymore for TDC as the Council is in your opinion 'failed'. However your argument about procedural breaches over the China Gateway is in full contradiction with the first argument. If the rules dont count then how could there be a procedural breach? Furthermore if the rulebooks for TDC didnt count, then why does the Council exist?

You are more than welcome to answer my questions and your refusal to answer them says far more about you than it does about me.

As I have said before, I left due to policy differences. My political views are wholly irrelevant to the debate over your policy platform.

Tim Garbutt said...

Come back and post James when you can answer the points and issues raised.

It's little pointless otherwise.

The Infratil pollution and Thor mercury poisonings are widely detailed.

You're sounding more and more like a party activist and supporter of the failed Thanet council at any cost.

Kindest regards,