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policy #2: close Manston airport - nose bleeds and nausea

Some interesting facts from the Aerotoxic website on contaminated crew and passengers within aircraft – as detailed to Parliament.

Worth remembering that the site: deals with contamination only inside the aircraft – you must use your imagination as to the effects of aviation fuel and chemicals on people on the ground around airports.

Well you don’t need to as the symptoms for exposure are detailed below and many reports are available from US and Europe on the death rates around airports – as you’d expect breathing aviation fuel vapour is not good for your health.

Especially children, the elderly and infirm.

No doubt soon TDC and Infratil will be confirming exactly why noise and air monitors were removed from the tower blocks and schools in Thanet and where the much-promised mobile monitors to situate them in the towns as aircraft fly at low level are.

And exactly what forecasts of the impact of 30 night flights or more as promised by Planestation and higher forecast figures will contribute to the local economy and population.

Here’s some information just on jet engine oil – not the far more toxic aviation fuel (or kerosene as it’s largely constituted).

Just the jet engine oil.

As with a car it seeps out of the engine or burns in the air and at Manston washes onto the runway and aquifer and into the UNESCO Pegwell bay.

Our MP’s and Councillors vote for these increases of flights and repeatedly assure us that all the proper safety processes are in place.

They’re not.

But let’s pretend they are.

Because if they’re not then these are the likely effects and symptoms on the surrounding population and water table – my underlining:

The label for the post-1998 (Mobil Jet Engine Oil) container contained the following warnings, risks and safety phrases:

Avoid spilling on insulation, plastic, rubber or paint

Contains Tricresyl Phosphate.
Swallowing this product can cause nervous system disorders, including paralysis.

Prolonged or repeated breathing of oil mist, or prolonged or repeated skin contact can
cause nervous system defects.
Never swallow. Wash hands after handling and before eating. Never use in or around
food. Avoid prolonged or repeated overexposure to skin or lungs.
If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. If medical attention is delayed, induce
vomiting. In case of contact, wash skin with soap and water. Remove contaminated
Not intended or suitable for use in or around a household or dwelling. Never use empty
container to carry water or food. Do not cut or weld on empty container.
(In thirteen languages)

Many of the signs and symptoms of exposure being reported by exposed flight crew - inside the aircraft.

Symptoms arise from single, short term or long term exposures include:

_ Symptoms from single or short term exposures include: blurred or tunnel
vision, disorientation, memory impairment, shaking and tremors,
nausea/vomiting, parasthesias, loss of balance and vertigo, seizures, loss of
consciousness, headache, lightheadedness, dizziness, confusion and feeling
intoxicated, breathing difficulties (shortness of breath, tightness in chest,
respiratory failure), increased heart rate and palpitations, nystagmus, irritation
(eyes, nose and upper airways).

_ Symptoms from long term low level exposure or residual symptoms from short-term exposures include: memory impairment, forgetfulness, lack of
coordination, nausea/vomiting, diarrhoea, respiratory problems, chest pain,
severe headaches, dizziness and feeling intoxicated, weakness and fatigue
(leading to chronic fatigue), exhaustion, increased heart rate and palpitations,
numbness (fingers, lips, limbs), hot flashes, joint pain, muscle weakness and
pain, salivation, irritation (eyes, nose and upper airways), skin itching and
rashes, skin blisters (on uncovered body parts), signs of immunosupression,
hair loss, chemical sensitivity leading to multiple chemical sensitivity.

Steve Ladyman quoted in KM: "of course there are rsiks surrounding activities at the airport but these are being managed properly"

Here's a list of Infratil breaches at Manston:

* overflights of towns at low level
* night flights
* training "loop" flights - and over the towns
* removing noise monitors
* no air monitoring
* no mobile monitors
* banned EU aircraft: dangerous Russian cargo planes
* no functionig complaints system
* a Masterplan consultation without consultation

Sure Steve. Everything's fine.

And of course: runoff of fuel, oil and chemicals on top of the drinking water and into the sea.

ChinaGate (policy #3: End ChinaGate) couldn't provide confirmation of the correct drainage - yet both MP's approved ChinaGate with £25,000 donations and China visits.

But no-one could even say what it was. Roger Gale called for councillors to approve it and reduce tax on empty commercial properties.

Silence from Sandys.

Cargo warehouses for a cargo airport. By stealth.

For more details of the fuel and chemical impacts on people see: for over a dozen reports.

What stupid and scoundrel MP's we have.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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