Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Broken Kent election

Bizarre incompetence:

* election began Friday - who knew? No notices/publicity etc?

* Polling cards still not sent out. Which renders nominations void: you need name/signature and poll card and elector numbers. Who knows those or has them available even if they have been issued?

* Just 7 working days for candidates to now declare and gather forms/signatories etc - even without the poll card mess-up.

* Ballot boxes to be stored overnight before being counted(!). Why risk tampering or fire when most elections are counted same day

A sloppy election for pensioners and their clerks.

KCC elections happened every 5 years is hardly a surprise and concerning given the rampant Thanet South MP election fraud.

I am collecting signatures for election and a petition of concern tomorrow Ramsgate High St form 11am

Please support me and bring your pollcard/elector number or email them after: timgarbutt@yahooo.com

Otherwise it's the sane old-same old

Time for Change

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