Friday, 10 March 2017

Kent Police 1974.

It's worrying to see Kent Police take a leaf out of Kent council's book and slip back to the dark days of the 1970's.

3,000 cops plus 3,000 deskcops still seem to be struggling under the weight of tax increases and £200M budgets.

Rape widespread - the highest ever in UK, and highest in Kent in East Kent.

More kiddy-fiddling than the Top of the Pops studio 1974

Missing Persons and Jimmy Savile council care homes - a UK national scandal.

Cold cases getting colder.

Two-shot tasers given 17 UK deaths from one-shot tasers - more Kabul than Kent.

All for shoplifters, pubfights, jaywalkers, hopscotch criminal damage and TV licence crime.

The spithooding of prime suspects - no doubt a creeping routine not seen beyond Belfast or Basra.

The tax burden of techkit of cars and phones and truncheons and body cameras and spithoods and tasers and pepper spray and drones and helicopters and nightstick and chapstick and lipstick - to not arrest junkies and rapists and not kick in drug den doors.

A nasty rash of Trade Unionism and one-legged black lesbian and leadership seminars on the rates - more BS than BA.

Surrey and Sussex police joyriding down through the constabulary rankings with Deepcut and sheepbothering.

Wiretapping and trailing Domestic Extremists such as elected councillors.

Clunk-Click. Guns that don't shoot straight.

Sleeping policemen: road deaths up 10%. No blackspot roads redesign list, and I am convinced it's a major contribution to road safety.

Excessive use of pot noodles and polyester shirting.

Asbestos left over from the 1870's with not enough headmasters jailed.

All obscured in a cloud of heroin and cocaine and a bonfire of tax.

I'll be writing to Chief Pughsley when he's back from his holidays asking for:

* Routine monthly FOI on drugs seizures and rapes

* Procurement list of guns, ammo, tasers, cars and trousers

* Reoffending and prison dumping statistics

* Special Branch Domestic Extremist policy and GCHQ wiretapping of every phonecall and Facebook post and the telly and kettle. And steaming open emails. And the cost and any specific arrests.

* Learmonth's Learjet policy: Kent citizens stranded/ill/jailed abroad

* Pandemics and Left is Life policy: TB/tetanus jabs and blood/organ donations

* KP Benelux and Captura Costa del Crime policy

* KP pensions invested in Tobacco and Oil and Spangles

* Canteen Culture reform with more walking about, less caviar and horse meat

* PCC role reform: Courts/Solicitors/Private detectives licences and white collar crime and failure of Geary's City of London police and LIBOR and Action Fraud basics such as Andrew Conway at StepLaw and One Essex Court the go-to corrupt barristers with Grabiner and Glick and Magic Guy Hollingworth magician, barrister and fraudster, or Palmer of PbiLaw, Broadstairs rape lawyer

* Closed courts and lack of jury trial and excessive dodgy judges such as The Wee Gray Scot, The Crying Judge, Judge Mann, Lord Grabiner of BHS perhaps Britain’s worst Judge and QC and the apogee of governance, and shy and retiring Ian Glick QC, and Suitcase Smithy the Gazza of the High Court.
* Cop-on-cop, and BBCTV licence fee, court cases and policy

* This year's gun and knife crime amnesty weeks

* Prowl car and foot patrol lists and role: parking, street lights, pothole reporting etc

* Kent backoffice merger plans with EK-SC and Surrey and Sussex

Kent Police with 9 cops(!) for 2 years(!) on the case, seems to be struggling to delay any longer the Nick Timothy election fraud and or Manston and Ostend and Lydd narcoflights and Infratil/Gloag/council crimes.

Only Thor mercury successfully delayed for 30 years amidst a blizzard of sicknote claims.

It's time for the crackdown.

Courts open 24/7 for rape and drug trials.

An extra Kent year in prison for heroin and cocaine.

A Kent probation year for reoffending.

Too many junkies and dealers and rapists and road deaths.

Too many cops in an expensive multiagency muddle?

Time for Change

* signatures supplied to KCC and awaiting election week gone by
* 13 KCC councilors to resign at May election - the end of Carter's Ancient Regime - over 110 years service between them. What were they doing?
* Saturday noon until May handing out leaflets and petition for Infratil arrests and extradition

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