Friday, 24 March 2017

Kent election 2017: stagnation and rot. Time for Change

Tim Garbutt KCC Leader 2017 and MP 2020 candidate said:

"With the KCC elections now upon us it's time for change.

Many of the old guard of councillors have resigned from the County Cesspit.

It's time for reforms from the stagnation and failure of the past, and Manston-Infratil and Thor mercury crimes.

And how horrifying given the London terror attacks, and by a Kent resident on the terror blacklist, are the failures at Manston and Lydd and Ostend with illegal flights by Egyptair amongst many banned airlines.

And machetes and samurai swords and hipowered air rifles still on open sale on the stagnant High Streets of Kent.

Frontline Kent - from Helmand to Belgium - has become Britain's backdoor for terrorism and drugs and guns and people smuggling.

And Private Eye even now detailing more peculiar BVI offshore investments than Pleasurama with the Maidstone Hilton hotel.

While the backward-looking failure of Brexit by Farage's Turnip Taliban will cripple Kent's European and international trade - from Farm to Pharma to Tourism to Universities - with Benelux and Poland and Romania and Hungary and delay substantial EU reform.

With billions and billions of dollars, and years and years wasted in coverup and fraud and incompetence and stagnation and rot, Kent has failed.

Time for votes at 16 and electoral reform to prevent the Thanet South election expenses fraud, the UK's largest-ever as detailed by Channel Four, and puppet party candidates.

Time for full and routine FOI on salaries, expenses, pensions, cars etc.

Time for party manifestos 6 months before elections.

Time for East Kent council reform and Direly elected Leaders not the current cabal of nodding-donkey councillors.

And so on and so on.

And given the glacial pace of reform in Kent none of that's new but still as relevant.

Here's a summary of the same problems from way back in 2013:

Kent's pensioners have failed us.

Time for Change



Kent Mickey Mouse elections:

Election process begins today (me, neither) but poll cards not sent out and absurd process almost-impossible to complete accurately

- concerns to:


* why are ballot boxes stored overnight and not immediately counted? Clearly they could be tampered with - who has made that decision? When/where is a 5th May count?

* you're saying a poll number is definitely required but Thanet poll cards haven't gone out as yet and the election has started?

* And just c.10 days for candidates to gain signatories? Then those to be rejected or not over the following month?

* the electoral register is available for addresses at TDC in Margate but I am supposed to check that before going to ask a specific person?

This sounds badly-run and almost impossible to complete accurately: Ben can you advise as the senior election organizer.


From: TDC Electoral Services
To: "''"
Sent: Friday, 24 March 2017, 16:44
Subject: FW: Garbutt: KCC election signatures - May 2017 #5

Dear Mr Garbutt

The ballot boxes will be stored overnight securely and opened on Friday 5 May at the verification and count.

If you have any further concerns about the nomination process, please read the information available on the EC website. The requirements to provide an electoral number is to confirm the signatory is a registered elector, registered within the division the candidate wishes to stand in. it is also a way for us, to check that an elector has not signed for more than 2 candidates.

Poll cards are being delivered from this weekend so may will have their number, but you do have access to view the electoral register at Thanet District Council offices to confirm someone is registered.

Kind regards



Thanks and the 21 signatories I provided (with mobile/email etc for you to check identities) confirms it's for the KCC election and was provided to KCC 3 weeks ago with no concerns raised.

On the EC form I'm unclear what you would be checking - it requires only name and signature. Also a poll number/electoral district but that's not a requirement to vote and unlikely to be known by the public?

I'd hate to collect 10 signatures again and have the form rejected on a poll number technicality given the previous widespread Thanet/Kent elections fraud.

Can you confirm the ballot boxes will be opened and documented the day of the election as in national elections not stored overnight?

Please advise


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