Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Kent corruption: Channel 4 election expenses and Infratil crimes #1

Kent corruption trundles along.

And the 2015 election expenses have appeared again yesterday with Channel Four reporter chasing PM aide Nick Timothy down Whitehall:

You an read for yourself and the video is worth watching on how:

* the Thanet election run from Westminster/Whitehall
* local costs double what is allowed by jiggery-pokery in allocating them to national spend
* party volunteers/agents bussed in - and staying at the Ramsgate Harbour Hotel it seems - again highly dubious to say the least

You may remember I refused to stand in the election because of the blatant corruption.

One Tory leaflet I have says Craig Mackinlay lives in Ramsgate.

Utter tripe.

Even with quickly renting a flat to pretend as with Paul Nuttal in Stoke or indeed Farage in Thanet.

They may as well be in John OGroats.

LocalCraig lives in Chatham. Works in Chatham and was at the time the KCC councilor for Chatham. And even a magistrate for Chatham.

The doublehatter syndrome again - desperate to crowd out the opposition and grab a few extra salaries.

And elected to be elected in order to be elected - to do nothing.

One of the wider points being the collapse UK democracy in to parachute candidates - as with Laura Sandys previously - parachuted into an area with no knowledge etc. Then characters like Nick Timothy write their manifesto for them in the vaguest possible terms.

You know the sort of thing: reducing crime, insert name here, working for you, insert constituency etc.

Why doesn't Nick Timothy come down to Thanet and explain the Manston policy?

A photoshoot with a foaming glass of Thor mercury water?

Even Theresa May - Nick's boss - Boris and William Hague popped in for a quick photoshoot and grip and grin for 5 minutes and onto somewhere else.

It's exactly why people don't vote. Why bother?

It's not just the Tories it's systemic.

Farage ducks and dives as to whether he's resigned for UKIP or is an MEP or shock jock

Latchford and Wells turncoat to UKIP as their Tory roles collapse with the Gang of Four and Shonk and Heale prove useless.

We now have Ramsgate Labour with the dodgy charity donations pretending it's acceptable. This was the party that unanimously voted for the ChinaGate corruption and their largest ever party donation.

And remains silent on Pleasurama and Manston - even the 0% salary fraud by Latchford et al if they wanted to be party political.

While Manston and the Infrail crimes were actually Tory and UKIP policy - and still are - PM May may now regret allowing Nick Timothy to include that in he Kent manifesto.

Even footballer, PHD and astronaut Nuttall couldn't make up Infratil and TDC and KCC removing the airport monitors and faking the data for years. Hence the $1 rapid selloff of all Infratil's airports except Wellington in NZ.

But there's another systemic problem or two:

* UK elections are regulated by the Electoral Commission but they bounce any problems to the local police - it's 2 years since 20(!) police forces have been investigating the 2015 election fraud, including Kent Police and they've done nothing.

* A political police - not even Special Branch wiretapping MP's or GCHQ steaming open every email - but run of the mill Plod is struggling to do more than protect their pensions and call for more tax funds for failure. Even struggling on the basics of rape and road deaths - all significantly up in Kent.

Drones and tasers and helicopters and water cannon won't reduce those.

Perhaps Kent needs independent election observers by the OESCE from say Chad or Albania to review the free and fair elections. All the more bizarre that Roger Gale MP heads off to check on elections in Africa. What is he teaching them given the collapse of Kent?

Cancer victims from almost 10 years of Infratil/KCC/TDC faking the pollution monitors - from 2005 to now - and illegal overflights and night flight and banned flights will be harder to quantify.

* And the election supervisor - paid £250k - is the local council CEO: Madeline Homer in Thanet's instance. Again stuffing memos into her ears to pretend that she has no responsiility in running the elections and bouncing it to Kent Police. Even blatant illegality like the LibDems having a standing civil servant standing.

It's even more blatantly illegal than being a judge.

At least corrupt judges like Lord Grabiner and his One Essex Court fraudsters Glick QC and Hollingworth are keeping their heads down. Maybe they'll keep their Bar roles and be hired for a judicial review? At the very least Infratil could hire them as Britain's most bent Bar.

* Even TDC's lawyer the rascally Tim Howes prefers to spend a year after the AntiCorruption Summit refusing to raise Pleasurama etc - take the £100k salary and keep shtum. Maybe a payoff and pension to keep shtum. Or a Buggins Turn to another civil service dept.

Thanet and Kent corruption stinks.

And it stinks more than most. This isn't new.

Simply scroll down this blog or many others. The Government itself rates TDC as one of the worst councils in UK ad that hasn't changed in years - even last years' the dodgy Pleasurama £3M sale and GIAA £500k civil service Port fraud confirms that.

Even for Thanet though the Infratil and Pleasurama crimes and now rampant and now repeated election fraud is special.

Time for Change

* my view later this week on who to vote for and who not to vote for - of course the decision on whether you vote and how you vote is yours.

* you may want to question your councilors on the above - and consider if it's worth voting for any doublehatter or anyone who's been at TDC for more than say 10 years. If not 10 minutes.

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