Thursday, 23 March 2017

update #1 Terror attacks and Kent machetes and Manston etc: Egyptair

Obviously a sad terror attack in London and fair KP response on lending police and patrols.

Concerned terrorists known to MI5/police for some years and shot by a bodyguard not guncops.

A few misc points:

* low tech terrorism - machete sales in Ramsgate

* pedzone cars again and parked on pavements: G4s ln111 WWJ 10:40 am - basic road safety and police idleness rather than terrorism - emptying out of police stations and budget review to 1.99% target needed?

* new airline laptop ban: includes Egyptair ie Manston: Ostend/Lydd illegal flights - similar incident:

* Surrey Police useless (Deepcut): Magnitsky - Perelichpnny poisoning investigation reopening - latest murder today:

* And another one:

* Concerned police priorities - and clearly it's not working - on GCHQ wiretapping everyone and KP Domestic Extremists secret list on such as elected councilor Ian Driver and:

* good article on Thanet South Election fraud:

astonished Manston as the key UKIP/Tory policy and Infratil crime not mentioned though.

* police Action Fraud inaction on Andrew Conway of Lawrence Stephenson lawyers posing as HMRC

* raising corrupt layers and barristers and weak judges as manifesto: One Essex Court

* Manston/Infratil cancer relevant for UKIP/Tory policy? - as this:

PoliticsHome‏Verified account @politicshome 1h1 hour ago

Paul Nuttall on London attacks: "We have a cancer within a particularly community and it needs to be cut out."

I hope that's just kneejerk racism.

Time for Change



* Kent's dodgy elections - now confirmed by Claire Hawken at TDC and Ben Watts at KCC both Returning officers apparently that 3 weeks have passed with only inaction on confirming the 21 signatories I supplied. And the Election Pack supplied - over 200 pages across 19 forms and brochures of subsection this and clause that bumf.

Simply to sign name/address etc.

Clearly it's designed to be as offputting as possible.

And less than 10 days to do so and then a month of bumf checking.

No wonder so few people stand for election regardless of terror threats, insults etc etc.

Perhaps it is best to refuse to stand. Spoil the ballot and refuse to pay tax.

Or just shut up and pay the tax a few nodding donkeys nod through.

The turnout's are already at rockbottom: invariably less than 30% and as low as 12% even without Co-opted where only one person stands.

And for all the bumf we still have the rampant election expenses fraud - as the weblinks above confirm over £15k the expenses limit spent just at the Ramsgate hotel and party staffers bussed in. The Guardian article is lengthy but worth reading shows it's far,far worse than I thought with party head office staffers replacing local members in just a few marginal seats:

21 Kent cops investigating for 2 years is a concern - where are their documents? Even if it is a legal case the info should be released, at the very least some of the points put to CPS might be incorrect and not everyone can attend court.

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