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Kent Ancient Regime collapses as Toxic 3 become Toxic 2 - and Heroin Corner

It's clear Kent and East Kent in particular have run out of steam if not simply collapsed.

Blink and you may have missed it but 13 KCC councillors - almost 20% of the council - have already resigned rather than stand again in the 4th May KCC election.

Alex King of the KCC Toxic 3 has resigned after 28 years(!) as KCC Deputy Leader and Paul Carter's right-hand man. Clearly reluctant to face questions ove rhis role in the Infratil and Gloag and KCC/TDC council scandal.

The Toxic 3 are now the Toxic 2 with only Leader Carter and KCC legal beagle Geoff Wild clinging on to carry the can for Manston.

And Roger Latchford the KCC UKIP Leader has resigned. Latchford was the last of the Gang of Four at TDC: resigning over Manston as a Tory before, as with Chris Wells, turning coat to pop up as a UKIPper.

And as with Alex King clearly reluctant to face questioning over his role with Infratil/Gloag and the Manston monitors removal.

Latchford was sidelined at KCC - certainly not a racist organisation amongst Shire Tories - along with Heale and Shonk into irrelevance. Shonk not the first double and triple hatter to find that accumulating job titles doesn't mean competence.

And bizarrely, the UKIP main donor Arron Banks suddenly quit UKIP last week to set up his own political party. With the rows over Farage-replacement Leader Nuttall losing Stoke and the open feud between Carswell and Farage, Banks wasn't wasting his efforts or funds on what even he described as squash club squabbles.

Clearly whether at TDC or KCC UKIP have delivered nothing except the scandal over fake Manston policy. And Messrs Mackinlay and Gale are now lame ducks facing Recall and arrest after the Tory election expenses fraud exposed by Channel Four (you may remember I refused to stand in the 2015 election over the rampant corruption and fraud).

The Electoral Commission is far too weak: a £70k fine is just a cost of doing business and funneling back to scared local cops is dismal. And what happened to Homer as a £150k fee as Returning Officer? I've written to OESCE requesitng election monitors from Chad or Zimbabawe. They couldn't be worse could they?

Obviously Nick Timothy PM May's aide was running the election for them and bussing in Tory supporters to spend at least £15,000 at the Ramsgate Royal Harbour Hotel - run by a previous Tory candidate- in itself exceeding election spend.

Mackinlay as a Chatham accountant and JP could hardly claim ignorance of the sums nor the dozens of volunteers bussed in from London.

The election could have been held in John O'Groats or Lands End for all its relevance to Thanet.

It's symptomatic of parachute candidates dropped in by party head office, falling and inactive party memberships and weak photoshoots pretending to be policy.

Why? They do nothing and have no policies or merely bland nonsense like reducing crime.

Bizarrely Chris "drinking water" Wells may stand as MP and face more questions over Manston and Thor cancer and the Manston aquifer.

Even Kent PCC Police elections in 2015 have Steve Uncles of the BNP-esque English Democrats jailed for 7 months for electoral fraud in making up fake candidates(!) in 2013 and ourageously being allowed to stand in 2015.

Your vote is yours to use as you wish of course but I can hardly recommend any of the above nor grisly leftovers like elderly pig farmer Ken "HIV" Gregory standing for KCC.

I can only descibe as Garbutt's Gibbons such nonentities as Berry Burton and Sproates and RTC's elderly and secretive clerk Richard Styles and TDC legal beagle Tim Howes switching off councilor's emails at the corruption, clinging on through the cancer and corruption they have created or rubberstamped.

The £120k Madeline Homer after 2 years as TDC CEO must be questioning they and herself on the inaction.

And nor could I recommend voting for any doublehatter candiate also sitting at TDC nor any that's been at KCC or TDC for more than 10 years.

The civil servants simply lead the elderly and incompetent councillors by the nose to increase their own salaries and pensions: KCC the most £100k salaries in UK local government.

What have they done? And what have you got to lose in voting for change?

Certainly it's too late for the Manston and Thor mercury cancer corpses.

Garbutt for KCC Direct Leader May 4th 2017.

Time for Change


* Headlines in Daily Mail on a Police RAF of drones show the bloat of techspend and boys toys. Kent Police have purchased a Maplins drone but the danger is the missioncreep of 24/7 use and avoiding patrolling in the rain. The huge spend on CCTV (does Ramsgate CCTV actually work - why isn't it streamed on the KP website?)and cars and body cameras and military satellites and machine guns and water cannon and GCHQ tagging every email and Facebook post never seems enough does it?

* While a 10% increase in Kent Killed and Seriously Injured 54 road accidents (and higher if tweaked to the required EU standard) suggests it isn't working and far more clampdowns on drinkdriving, 20mph zones, HGV's in laybys etc and mobile homes at the wheel are needed. And where is the map of accidents and blackspots to design out crashes? And weekly and monthly reports? The KCC ad campaigns on just 12 drivers not wearing seatbelts or nervous passengers seem weak, given the pedestrian deaths and drivers' responsibility. A zero drinkdriving limit now is hardly mission impossible and licence torn up for say over 80mph speeding.

* Parkway rail station: 3 years after Manston closed. you couldn't make it up. What must readers in ASEAN or USA or EU think of KCC planning for such a farce? And how has £20M in Whitehall funds been spent to yield nothing? Shut up and pay your tax increase. Whether it's 1.99% or not. Or tear up your tax bill and demand a corruption and incompetence rebate.

* Silence on Kent OAP Winter extra deaths so far: no doubt clamped down on with the Homeless deaths until after the election. A monstrous failure of KCC's £2Bn budget and a G7 nation. Only the excess and accidental NHS surgery deaths may be higher.

* And I feel very uncomfortable as I'm sure you do too with Cllr Ian Driver placed on a police Stasi-like Domestic Extremist Database (who reviews that and when?) when an elected councillor. Imagine the costs of Special Branch sat outside his house working their way through their caviar sandwiches and thermos of Bovril and then trailing the council chamber... then back again. Very concerning with only c.400 ISIS terrorists actually in UK jails. Or the horrific chilling of local democracy with the TDC secret documents on Pleasurama corruption case and £20k fine on his house. Why would anyone stand for a council woiht that nonsense. And what a failure by our sheep-councillors and journalists. As KCC Leader I'll cancel both issues and repay any costs and damages.

* Heroin Corner and KFC yobbery is a case in point: 9-5 cops want to stay in the station with layer upon layer of hierarchy, and prowl cars drive around and around. Yet for at least 3 weeks now we've had 15(!) junkies and BMX dealers screaming and yelling about their Heroin and Special Brew - tightening up on newsagent street drinker and Tobacco sales is needed too - and the usual c.10-15 naughty teens playing football and litter in the High St etc. with every bench occupied by a street drinker and tramp. No wonder the towns are in decline. The cops have lost control and are in retreat behind their tax-tech that doesn't work either. Thursday and Friday seem to be a Bucket of Heroin Night at KFC.

* Chris Geary of City of London Police and Action Fraud is another case in point. Geary is head of financial crime in the City (replacing Adrian Leppard Kent Police deputy Chief) yet LIBOR jailings seem few and far between. While Action Fraud is a shiny new initiaitve on cybercrime andsacmas that is essentially a glossy bucket with a hole. I've raised Andrew Conway and colleagues of Stephens Law posing as HMRC officials - a blatant crime and just you try it - yet Geary is unbae to replty to emails or even a no-crime number and it transpires Action Fraud simply bounces any enquiries to the 43 local cops forces. InAction Fraud bloat and multiagency muddle.

* A review of cop-on-cop cases whether internal crimes or suing each other in the public's courts on the rates would be useful too. Should the police BoobGate or WolfWhistle Gate really take up more than a few minutes of discipline if any? Or are they put on drones and spithood duty rather than walking-about duty?

* Working on One Essex Court fruad with Grabiner, Leavor,Glick and Hollingworth and negligent judges: Mann etc. It's unlikely Lord Grabiner of BHS and Apogee will remain a Lord in the reforms and already sat only with Lord Jeffrey Archer. but astonishing he remains a Judge. BSB's Sarah Downer/Jagger has failed in regulation. Would you want Grabiner or his dodgy staff trying you or your children or granchildren?

* A USA diplomat expelled from New Zealand yet Infratil not extradited. Something wrong surely? And why have Kent Police spent over 5 years doing nothing on the issue?

* Cars on pavements and double yellow lines and pedzone. Clamp and Crush long overdue. Whether by street cops or prowl cars (and they should be reporting on potholes and street lights rather than polishing each other's truncheon in the car) or traffic wardens. What seaside towns wouldn't do that?

* Good Police £80M cocaine boat arrests. Time for Zero Cocaine and Heroin in Kent. Certianly outside the Chatham and Gillingham junky towns. An NHS register for junkies - and tight to prevent junkie tourism- and dealer crackdown: 24/7 courts for warrants and sentencing and the extra Kent year.

* 500 rapes in East Kent and one arrest. What has been going on? The 6,000 cops and clerks at Kent Police for c.30 small towns seem to have given up? When Chief Constable O'Pughsley is back from his holidays I'll be writing to him on these two-pipe problems.


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