Thursday, 30 March 2017

Gazette letter: watery Wells and dog-dirt TDC

Dear Editor

Chris "watery" Wells seems to be drowning in his own foolish statements last week on East Kent as Brexit-by-sea. UKIP at TDC have proved as incompetent and mendacious as the Ezekiel Gang of Four regime that Wells jumped ship from.

TDC UKIP having a one-off closed session for them to approve Brexit is a laughable debate. While their support for Nuttall proved to be stuff-all with the same sort of election fakery in Stoke infecting Thanet South and Craig Mackinlay.

With the resignations of Arron Banks the main UKIP financier and now Douglas Carswell as the only UKIP MP it's a party of the past.

The warning signs of Brexit are already clear with a complete lack of direction - all the main Leavers resigning or being sacked - and random negotiations wasting years to simply go full circle and end up in the EU with a few facesaving tweaks if that.

UKIP KCC is of the past with elderly leader Roger Latchford, Wells' colleague in the Gang of Four, now resigning after nothing done at all in 5 years. And the same void of action except collecting job titles contaminating Heale and Shonk.

Manston of course remains a cancer on the body politic for both UKIP and Tories pretending to reopen it but doing no such thing, given the aquifer under the runway. And Wells' role in TDC/KCC removing the pollution monitors and faking the pollution data requires explanation.

While Riveroak USA washing its hands of Riveroak UK/Wiggins' Freudmann, leaves only a mega-town for Gloag/SHP instead of a review of the Manston missing monitors fines and Stagecoach contracts.

No doubt another TDC CPO for $1 beckons to be rid of both Riveroak and SHP.

Let's hope Kent’s rather tame journalists and cops so far are more active in their inquiries - unless they and their families are immune from cancer?

Wells is now relying on a dog-dirt-DNA policy(!) as TDC/UKIP's only action speaks volumes in the £17M of tax spent at TDC and £2BN at KCC each year to do nothing,
except call for more tax for failure and inanities.

Wells as Leader of a dog-dirt council seems apt.

With TDC elections just two years away in May 2019 nothing will be done.

Time for Change: @timg33


3 astonishing points that slipped under the radar

1. A few details: Two Riveroak USA directors quit and form Riveroak UK with Freudmann and mysterious/unknown backers - an empty company very similar to SHP having a punt on a New Town speculative overbuild for $1

2. Ramsgate beach fails EA water quality guidelines and Lin Fairbrass Deputy Leader at TDC suggests this is OK - they're in charge or not? And doing anything other than Brettgate?

3. TDC confirm KCC election polling cards haven't been sent out and won't be done until Monday - the day before nominations close. Shambolic. They had one job...

Have a moan and they'll no doubt simply sign it off as acceptable and ignore you and hope nobody notices too much:

* lcamps@

4. Ramsgate Town meeting yesterday - now down to one meeting a year not 3 as required - and I don't think anyone attended - again. Councillors talking to an empty room.

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