Monday, 6 March 2017

KCC election 4th May 2017. The Cancer Victims and Corruption Election

Tim Garbutt KCC Leader 2017 candidate and MP 2020 said:

"The KCC election is underway and I've supplied the required signatures to KCC and await the specific forms to be issued.

No doubt there'll be some bureaucratic jiggery-pokery or attempting to downplay the manifesto point of a Directly-elected Leader at KCC and full FOI of salaries, pensions etc.

Clearly though this election is on the future of Kent - and the horrifying Manston-Infratil and Gloag scandals. KCC's Toxic Three and TDC Gang of Four removing the Infratil pollution monitors from 2006 until the airport closure in 2014 is an outrageous crime.

Covering it up is even worse with UK suffering some of the worst air pollution in Europe.

The silence is deafening from the usual party cartel and even UKIP silence with Manston as their national policy - despite it being on the East Kent drinking water aquifer.

Even PM Theresa May must wonder at the goings-on with her aide Nick Timothy, as much an instruction as a name, now revealed on Channel Four, The Independent and The Times as - illegally - running the Thanet election and extra costs.

I refused to stand because of the blatant corruption.

With Kent Police's investigation taking 2 years, and last week suddenly announced as concluding in 2 months - after the May election - policing is looking too political. The police seem to be spending their efforts on not investigating the Kent corruption, to put more effort into not solving crimes.

No wonder UK has 100k rapes the highest ever and East Kent the highest rapes in Kent. Plus UK knife crime up 11% and Kent road deaths up 10%."

Time for Change



* 2 years are up for Madeline Homer and Tim Howes at TDC: £90-120k salaries but I can't see any improvements from our civil service experts can you?

* public surprise and horror at TDC budget of £17M and KCC £2BN and most KCC £100k salaries in UK government. The NHS budget is extra to that

* unimpressed with East Kent NHS hospital and Thanet Extra describing £300k(!) CEO as " an NHS automaton" for bureaucrat-speak as to what if anything was slated to close

* Silence too from Berry, Button and Sproates on Manston and Thor pollution

* bizarre that Canterbury College 6th form college had a £170k CEO - who's controlling these absurd costs? And for failure

* EK Supercouncil: 10% job cuts seems far too low - only 30%-plus cuts makes any real structural difference

* Gasmask Wells or Shonk as KCC/TDC key figures to visit Thor mercury?

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