Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pandemics and UK - and WHO latest reports #1

An excellent New Scientist article on Pandemics and the Next Plague such as Bird Flu or Spanish Flu in WW1.

And WHO has taken the unprecedented step this month of detailing the most dangerous viruses:

* Lassa fever - a West African virus spread by rats and 300k infections and 5k deaths each year
* Nipah - a bat and pig virus first found in Malaysia
* Rift Valley fever - spread across Africa and Arabia
* SARS and MERS - now regular outbreaks
* Crimean-Congo fever - 30% of people die and first appearing in Western Europe in 2010
* Chikuyunga - spread by mosquitos and monkeys and spread across Africa and Asia, and into America in 2014
* Zika - suddenly leaping into the Americas in 2014 and the Brazil Olympics scare
* Thrombo Syndrome - across East Asia and USA and spread by ticks

All with about a 30% casualty rate forecasted.

While Malaria and HIV and TB each kill 1M people each year for nothing more extravagant than nets and condoms and pills.

While WHO has gone even further and with the AMR antibacterial crisis of failing antibiotics not defeating new permutations of TB or tetanus, and detailed the 12 key AMR research areas.

I'm working on a more detailed article and it's certainly not rushing off to your doctor for jabs or anything like that. It really isn't - and the vaccines don't exist yet anyway which is part of the issue.

And why Discovery Park and Sittingbourne Science Park should be in overdrive. And projects such as Left is Life.

But it does highlight probably the most dangerous threat to UK from Pandemics.

And just look at the collapse of the NHS from a normal Winter.

And almost nothing done in UK for Pandemics - so far.

A very concerning report on UK policing in meltdown by the Police Inspectorate and Kent Police rather good and better than most.

Time for Change

* more later on Kent corruption and dodgy Thanet election etc and corrupt layers with High Courts as merely an ATM for layers. Judge Mann again criticised for weak cost controls P.8 in Indy - by the lawyers themselves(!). Funnily enough he scrutinised and approved the Glick/Hollingworth - One Essex Court and Steve Palmer PBi Law corrupt costs - even after(!) they'd confirmed the costs were false...You couldn't make it up.

Just imagine if you tried that.

Only The Crying Judge emerges with any credit.

Layers, barristers and judges above the law it seems.

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