Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Kent’s civil service cockroaches need the boot.

Here’s details of Spain’s corruption trial for Malaga council that left the “once-charming beach resort carpeted in concrete” and “developers bungs for cash for votes”.


But silence from our cockroach civil servants.

Nothing on the mysterious Pleasurama tax haven with no viable construction plans – who was the civil servant in charge of Kent’s largest seafront development?

Silence on the 0% payrise frauds for m the Toxic Two of Samuel and White – where are the before and after payslips?

Nothing on the fake noise and air monitoring at Manston – removed 4 years ago from a school and tower block and repeatedly lied to the public.

Silence on the Double Donation to both parties for ChinaGate and Ramsgate Labour’s largest-ever donation. For Thanet’s largest-ever construction project. With plans released one week before a vote.

Repeated breaches of the design guidelines for construction, breaches of building footprint and absence of greenery and “just a couple of extra flats” breaching national guidelines on room sizes for slums – who signs off the plans and construction?

The missing disabled grants used for civil service office refurb and missing Tram Shelter insurance money.

Land sales of “spare assets” to avoid having to repair them and bolster payrises and pension funds.

Offices parks, retail parks, business parks, industrial parks, car parks and concrete – left empty.

EKO and the missing million pounds in fees and civil service “companies” and bloat – where are the invoices?

Massively over-inflation council tax increases for substandard services: a 4% increase with inflation at 0.5%? And “the lowest-ever increase” nonsense? The money’s gone North alright. To Maidstone and KCC bloat.

New build glory projects, white elephants and incompetent projects such as Westwood Cross out-of-town-shopping-centre built next-to-the-town-centre. Decimating the towns.

Another £80M East Kent road to nowhere and £3M for Dreamland – in the absence of knowing what else to do with the money except roundabouts and tarmac.

A passenger ferry that wouldn’t fit the harbour: coming soon.

Last week confirmation from Southern Water that 10 tonnes of grit and waste were stuck in the harbour waste pumps. 10 tonnes. No wonder the drains keep backing up ruining good businesses paying council tax in good faith..

Councillors strangely reluctant to speak out on oplanning issues, or enforce blatantly absurd decisions or sack underperforming civil servants – an airport really built on the drinking water supply?

Now several of these are due to an incompetent civil servants in one of Britain’s worst councils and stale councillors treating the council as a pensioners playtime.

But many of these are blatant corruption and flagrant mismanagement.

Add in the deliberate poisoning of the public from failure to act at Manston, Richboro and Thor and concreting Kent with pointless highways, Dartford Crossing and Manston-Parkway-pseudo-train-stations and byways glory projects and we’ve funded cockroaches to scurry around our towns and council chamber stealing lives, democracy, time and funds and deceiving the public.

Time for our cockroach civil servants to be sacked.

No pensions. No payoffs. No public sector jobs and an Emin Government Inquiry for jail-time.

It’s a wonder the public don’t issue a writ for compensation to the political parties head offices for substandard governance.

Time to sack our cockroach civil servants and greasy councillors.

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