Thursday, 16 September 2010

Toxic Thanet. Toxic KCC. Toxic Airport.

A sudden agenda announcement for a meeting all about Manston: 3 ways to describe the same thing: KIA, Manston and a Manston Parway rail station of some sort.

The usual charade for decisions taken – even Roger Gale doesn’t bother mentioning the Parkway now. And “Bold Steps” is some vague nonsense of linking Kent planning to Essex in another quango – and nothing done in the meantime.

No mention of overflights and 106 breaches endangering the public.

No mention of missing monitors.

No mention of the drinking water supply under the runway and contamination.

No mention of 18 year death rate.

No mention of Thor mercury and water pollution which is Andrew Pearce’s responsibility with permits to pollute and discharge from Manston and Thor etc – and copies of toxin levels, maps etc.

No mention of KCC and TDC staffing levels and costs.

No mention of 0% fraud.

No mention of recall and local referendums.

No mention of why KCC are investing public funds in tobacco, booze and guns.

Mere construction and tarmac on the rates in the absence of an regeneration policies.

And the usual “rush and rubberstamp” of policies and unaccountable on incompetence and failure.

THE Thanet Local Board

Monday, 27 September 2010

Chatham House Grammar School , Chatham St, CT11 7PS

Ask for:
Anne Charman

Starting at 7.00 pm. Doors open at 6.30 pm
01622 696389

Welcome to the meeting – Mr Bill Hayton, Chairman

- Apologies

- Introductions

- Declarations of Interests by Members in Items on the Agenda for this Meeting.


Notes of Local Board meeting held on 13 July 2010 and progress on any actions agreed

Paul Carter , Leader Kent County Council ‘ Bold Steps for Kent ’

Paul Carter will provide a countywide context to the opportunities, future plans and ambitions for regeneration in Thanet, focusing on the importance of improved transport links, including Manston and Thanet Parkway . Kent County Council has just launched its ‘Bold Steps for Kent ’ strategy which is now out for consultation with staff, residents, community groups and other public sector partners. This sets out how, over the next four years, KCC will provide the best possible services for its residents for less, addressing the budget challenges that lie ahead and recognising the importance of empowering local residents and communities by involving them in how their services are designed and delivered.

Robert Bayford, Leader of Thanet District Council and Kent County Councillor for Broadstairs and Sir Moses Montiefore

Cllr Bayford will describe the various consultative processes that have been undertaken by Thanet District Council and give an update on The Airport Working Party.

Kent Youth County Council/Thanet Youth Council

Kent Youth County Council and Thanet Youth Council members will update the recent work they have undertaken and the local issues in Thanet that matter to them.

Panel discussion: regeneration and the importance of good transport links to the prosperity and quality of life for local Thanet people, including discussion on Kent International Airport , Manston and the Thanet Parkway .

The rest of the panel will introduce them and give a brief overview of their organisation’s work and provide a general update on any future plans or developments.

Charles Buchanan, Chief Executive Officer, Manston, Kent International Airport

Andrew Pearce , Area Manager, Environment Agency

Paul Crick, KCC Director of Integrated Strategy and Planning, Environment, Highways and Waste

Question and Answer Session. The audience is invited to ask the panel questions on any issues or concerns that they may have.

Opportunity to ask questions about local public services.

Any Other Business notified to the Chairman prior to the meeting.

County Councillors for Electoral Divisions within the Thanet District :

Bill Hayton (Chairman)
- Broadstairs & Sir M M'fiore

Robert Burgess
- Margate West

Robert Bayford
- Broadstairs & Sir M M'fiore

Elizabeth Green
- Ramsgate

Michael Jarvis
- Margate & Cliftonville

Charles Hibberd
- Birchington and Villages

John Kirby
- Ramsgate

Chris Wells
- Margate & Cliftonville

The purpose of the Board is to provide opportunities:

· for elected County Council Members to work more closely with public, and with voluntary and private sector partners locally, to meet the aspirations of local people

· for a regular forum for community consultation and participation that will encourage discussion and debate on matters of particular relevance to their area

· to consider the need for services in the local community, and look at the effectiveness of existing services

· for KCC’s Cabinet and Cabinet Members to consult on strategic issues affecting a Local Board’s area

· to allow County Council Members to consider funding applications made to the Small Community Capital Projects fund.

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