Monday, 13 September 2010

What is the Port for?

Last night not one but 3 security guards stand looking at a car park of HGV's funded on the rates - and then another half dozen lorries parked on the nearby promenade.

No doubt having the usual crap in a bag and throw it on the beach.

What is it for? To tax-fund a lorry park and derelict promenade? Should the Police be diverted for lorries parked a dozen feet from a specially-provided HGV park?

And why is the proposed Vattenfall building nothing more than an office block. Weren't these alrady built and stand empty?

And you hardly need a warehouse for deliveries of turbines that stand in the sea.

Retail parks. Business parks. Car parks and lorry parks. But no park parks.

Stretches of tarmac. No proper paving. No grass verges. No flowerbeds.

Certainly cheaper and easier for the council to repair. Maybe add some bits of offcut fencing from a motorway centrasl reservation.

All these things that aren't just for beautification but important for Climate Change. And even more so in Thanet in replenishing the water supply under our feet.

And our councillors and civil servants seem to have nothing to offer except roads, building and car parks.

Has EKO - simply TDC and KCC - closed or is it still funding civil servants to merely outsource to an estate agency - to build on the drinking water supply.

For Prime Minster's wages, Messrs Samuel and White don't seem to be doing a very good job.

For half a million quid for the pair, Messrs Gale and Sandys specialise in silence and nonsense.

And why do we have 56 TDC councillors - with many of them doublehatters for the other councils?

3 small town councils of 9 each and an effective and reduced KCC could easily provide the shoddy services to date.

And for £22M out of a £60M council tax budget are our civil servants really good value?

We seem to have the bloat of jobs and pensions for life and failure to eject substandard or pointless roles.

While in Canterbury we've the tax and waste of building a huge new student hall of residence when Thanet 30 minutes away has 3,000 empty houses. Presumably Cantebury something similar and Dover as many.

Do they not talk to each other.

With the collapse of SEEDA and GOSE - and zero regeneration plans - KCC is reverting to simply being a potholes council and Thanet a car parks council.

Considering we already have miles of road and acres of car parks there doesn't seem much of a need.

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