Thursday, 9 September 2010

Dig toilets not graves

Arts event in Trafalgar Square today to highlight 10 years on from UN Millennium Goals to end poverty and disease by 2015.

Over 167 children die from diarrhoea fronm dirty water and cholera - every hour.

100 years of democracy and £60M in council tax-take each year and "Third World Thanet" has Manston airport and Manston Fire on the drinking water supply.

Derelict Richboro power station and pollution of Pegwell Bay.

Thor mercury toxic site near Hornby unknown.

Broken and blocked drains with excrement.

Padlocked public toilets - closed, demolished and shorter opening hours.

If you told me I wouldn't believe you.

In Kent.

In England.

In the 21st century.

I wouldn't believe you.

Time for Change.

Time for every public body to adopt the UN Millennium Goals.

Time to clean our grubby towns.

Time to open and increase our toilets.

Time to demolish and clear Richboro.

Time to plant trees and flowers and grass verges.

Time to publish our water and air quality data.

Time to publish our disease and mortality rates.

Time for Change.

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