Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Where is Sandys?

It’s been 3 months since the lection and Parliament has been on hols for a month or two.

What has been done in Thanet?

Where are the Thor toxin results or are MP’s not allowed to see those or make them public?

Where are the Richboro toxin results?

Why is Manston Fire station lighting fires and putting them out with drinking water?

Has an extradition request been put in for the criminal Infratil Directors?

Where are the payslips to compare before and after the 0% payrise.

We seem to have only silence.

And to be fair silence from Roger Gale.

And silence from 56 Thanet councillors.

How strange.

Unless they’re mere Party hacks. MP’s for their Party rather than the public of Thanet.

Thor mercury or the civil servants don’t come before the public. Nor the Party.

And we fund all these people to highlight public concerns – especially major problems.

Even basics like MP’s expenses being published or Ramsgate Town Council accounts being available on the website haven’t been done.

How can the public compare value for money or check if there’s any wrongdoing if the information is hidden or fudged.

It’s like a council of the 1970’s with stale pensioner-councillors bumbling around and being unwilling to disclose public policies and funds.

Recall now allows 10% of the electorate to “call in” an MP for wrongdoing – after the MP expenses farce – and all civil service costs over £500 are to be published (and all costs and other information available under FOI.

Even MP's meetings and diaries - as in USA.

So where is it all?

Or do we have a conspiracy of silence. Party over public. Brassneck lies on fiddles and simple deceit and fraud?

Roger Gale has spent 30 years watching Margate burn down - is the same expected of Laura?

District elections next year – and the opportunity to “Rate your councillor. Rate your civil servants” in an online vote and forum means questions will be asked on who knew what and when – and what they did.

Where is Sandys? When will she speak up? Or is this the best of it?

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Anonymous said...

Laura surely has the advantage of being able to consult with tory cllr Billly Hayton. Former Chair of Planning with a responsibility for addressing aquifer pollution.

Colleague of then tory Cllr George Maison senior site safety engineer of Sericol (and hence one of the employees allegedly obeying Sericol's instructions from the 1990s to keep quiet about the discovery of their decades long contamination of the aquifer which will continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future)

And wasn't tory cllr Maison on the Planning Cttee too ?

He was successfully sued for libel in 1998 by Margaret Mortlock.

Well Bill Hayton did you tell the High Court on oath that there were no procedures of inquiry in place relating to Maison ?

You knew Serticol in the weeks before the hearing gave Cllr Maison ten grand severance. Surely you knew Sericol was holding internal inquiry in 1998 about forged engineering qualifications thought to be the work of convicted former tory Cllr Hoser (An associate in his day of said proven liar Maison)

And as a member of the POlice Authority Bill knew that the Police Authority had called on Chief constable for inquiry and report including into matters like the arrest of Maison in 87 for paramilitary activity within the Territorial Army.

Come on Laura have a word with Cllr Bill Hayton and publish a response to all of the above points.