Friday, 17 September 2010

More boils for Ramsgate

I see the glass carbuncle for the harbour slipway has been provisionally approved.

Along with the Granville Folly and glass stump for developer profit. And glass B&Q Turner Centre, in Margate. And Halfords Big Box for Vattenfall.

We seem to have incompetent councillors and civil servants who having destroyed the towns are unable to put sensible policies in place without grasping at anything and shouting "jobs" or "land sales" before the election.

As with the jiggery pokery of trying to sell Albion House to safeguard civil servants pensions and then sleight of hand with the public petition to preserve it we have the collapse of Socialism or Conservatism and the rise of Cretinism.

Imagine if Bath was peppered with these boils - our stale councillors and civil servants couldn't even run a bath. Let alone safeguard listed buildings.

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