Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Missing public funds

Aren’t there several missing gaps in Thanet’s public finances whitewashed by our senior civil servants and councillors:

1. Where are the Ramsgate Town Council accounts and staffing costs?
2. Where are the £1M EKO accounts/million pound memo and invoices and staffing costs and expenses?
3. Where are the details of the missing or waived fines for night flights and overflights by Infratil?
4. Where are the Infratil control tower flight log and radar transponder details to check their claims?
5. Where are the before and after payslips of the 0% payrise fraud for Messrs White and Samuel?
6. Where are the Pleasurama costs and contracts after the tax haven mystery
7. Where are the Vattenfall windfarm and building contracts and revenues?
8. Where are the Turner £1M running costs allocated and over how many years?
9. Where are the missing disabled grants and costs: spent instead on office refurb?
10. Where are the Ramsgate Tram shelter monies and repairs?
11. Where are all Messrs Gale and Sandys’ costs, expenses and receipts?
12. How much goes on “double hatter” councillors for the same or similar public bodies and committee costs?
13. Where are the Port and Marina costs and revenues?
14. Where are the water quality and air monitoring reports?

Or should the public not expect to see how public money is spent? More importantly shouldn’t we jail rather than elect and fund councillors and civil servants who deliberately avoid or wriggle around these issues?

If we’re giving £60M in council tax to TDC each year, and our civil servants are taking £22M just to fund themselves, and sending the rest to £1.3BN KCC to take their cut, then we’re not getting very good value with TDC in the bottom 10% of UK councils and now Thanet in the bottom 10% of all UK areas.

What have TDC and KCC and the alphabet soup of quangos and taskforces been doing all these years? Waste and glory projects and roads to nowhere?


With mismanagement of funds and mismanagement and deceit over toxic sites such as Manston-Infratil, Thor mercury, Manston Fire station and Richboro by the Toxic Three of Samuel, White and Latchford it’s amazing there’s anyone left to fund our public fools and knaves.

And the brazen silence of TDC’s 56 councillors and their cosy club of cover-up failure.

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