Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Goodbye Manston? Goodbye Richboro? Hello Cancer.

Not mentioned by councilors or civil servants or MP's at all.

No statements about Manston built on the drinking water.


There is the front page of Your Thanet about banned aircraft flyting onto Manston - so much for UK airspace etc.

And why was there a Jumbo jet flying into Manston at 2am and 3:30 am on Sunday/Monday? the airport closes at 11pm. Do they just fly in or did Infratil know? Did TDC know?

The ERA newlsetter features 4 pages on overflights and asks for a "Planespotting report" for Octobber:

I think Manston will be bust by then: there's only Cargolux and a couple of presumbly half-empty Flybe. And it is built on the water supply.

But our councillors never mention that.

There is a useful "Who are the Guilty Men" article in ERA for the next election

Airport Committee:

Mike Harrison
Alasdair Bruce
Peter Campbell
Richard Nichioloson
Jo Roberts


Robert Bayford
Roger Latchford
Simon Moores
Chris Wells
Martin Wise

Not mentioned are:

Richard Samuel
Brian White
Paul Carter
Alex King
Roger Gale
Laura Sandys

An airport on the drinking water. A 24 hour cargo airport. Some of the highest canceer rates. A mortality rate 18 years earlier than the rest of Kent: on a par with Haiti or Burma.

Still no sign of the RTC accounts - maybe the public shouldn't know how public money is spent by public representatives? But all public fuinds over £500 are meant to be detailed now. Everything. Salaries. Pensions. Contracts. Expenses. You name it.

Still no sign of the Thor toxin reports: how toxic is the site? Are barrels of mercury still stored there? How much has been spilled?

Richboro concerns me: when were the council hoping to blow it up or were they just going to let it slide into the sea or the discharge leak into the water?

Other councils demolish them as a health and safety hazard:

Ask Richard Samuel: he's paid as much as the Prime Minister from your tax: plus the 0% payrise fraud:

Expect no reply. They're still paid until they're sacked. What do they care?

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