Sunday, 5 September 2010

Thor water. Thor kidneys. NHS scrutiny?

With widespread concerns over water quality, when will TDC – or NHS - publish the toxin reports and pollution damage for Thor mercury, Richboro and Manston? As well as the raw data for seawater quality and sewage discharges.

As with removing the noise and air monitors with Infratil and banned and illegal overflights of the towns, it’s as if our politicians and civil servants are deliberately endangering the public by remaining silent.

No wonder the death rate for East Kent is a shocking 18 years earlier than the rest of a Kent - and on a par with Haiti or Burma. Our pensioners are not even making to enjoy their pension by dying off at 63 years old rather than 81 - leaving 3,000 empty homes and dozens of shops.

Elections, P45’s, pension removals and jail may be some incentive for our failed public services to improve but it will be the public that bear the cost in early deaths and ill-health – and paying for the privilege through normal taxes as well as the toxic cleanup and extra hospital, hospice and mortuary costs.

All we need now is for the NHS and QEQM to charge us for body bags, cancer drugs and car parking to offset the costs of the increased burials of Thanet’s Lost Decade.

When will the Thor and Richboro and Manston toxin details be provided?

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