Tuesday, 14 September 2010

East Kent death rate

East Kent has a health differential 18 years younger than the rest of Kent – similar to Burma or Haiti.

Also with:

• An airport on the drinking water supply
• Removal of noise and air monitors
• Airport runoff draining into the road system and sea at Pegwell Bay
• Thor mercury banned in 1988 but still operating 20 years later
• Richboro power station derelict for 15 years
• Asbestos in buildings
• Oil tankers refuelling close to shore

Clearly this is a major failure of public health - if not the “Kent system” of public health protection.

How has this happened? When were Kent Public health briefed on these issues? What action has been taken?

Should there be a coverup or should there be dismissals and/or jail sentences?

Why the silence from Gale (other than assuring the public the airport and Thor was well run and any water pollution was due to the public pouring paint down the sink), Sandys, Latchford, Samuel, White and 56 councillors: is it not important?

Looks like Party and Civil service careers and glory projects put ahead of the public. And funded by the public.

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