Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Manston: "shot down in flames" warning

Manston: "shot down in flames" warning of Infratil and council failings on front page of newspaper

Fake consultations, repeated 106 breaches, public endangered, removal of noise and air monitors from a school and tower block over years, failure to replace etc etc.

And an airport built on the drinking water supply.

How stupid would you have to be to do that. And then want to expand the airport.

And criminal to do it by removing all the safety measures.

No monitors. No data. No problem.

Delay it for weeks and monhts and years.

That's a lot of people with cancer, asthma and so on because of Infratil and the Toxic Three and the silence and collusion of Gale and Sandys and our 56 councillors.

When the monitoring would have revealed all the the dangerous spikes in air and noise quality.

They knew monitoring was required.

They knew it was removed.

They chose to deny it.

Then they chose to ignore it.

They chose not to replace them.

Same with the overflights.

Same with the banned flights.

Same with the fines.

Same with the drinking water.

For 4 years.

Even today.

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