Monday, 6 July 2009

£350,000 for councillors... poison the drinking water.

Dumped jumbo jets on the drinking water.

The whole airport built on the drinking water supply - and slated for expansion as a cargo airport. Doh!

Allow repeated breaches of the 106.

Allow Messrs Samuel and White to remove the noise and air monitors.

What have our councillors and MP's been doing?

And who are the Thor and Manston councillors?

The civil servants must be running rings round them: they can't even produce the expenses and costs for the civil servants.

They allow fraudulent 0% but 30% payrises.

£60M in council tax. £40M sent to KCC. £15M out of the remaining £20M in TDC salaries and expenses. £350k for councillors. £2M reserve.

Isn't that barely £2M to run the towns? From £60M?

A council funding itself to record its own decline and failure.

Rated one of the worst in Britain by the Government itself - and Kent councils.

Time for P45's. Clear out the rat's nest of incomeptence and deceit.

Sack the Gang of Four: they have no idea on running towns or safeguarding the public. Only their careers and empty or false public statements.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change

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