Wednesday, 1 July 2009

6 cargo flights per week from Manston. 8 officials too many?.

Planestation bust with a multi-million pound accounting fraud

EUJet bust within 4 months stranding 30,000 UK citizens abroad

Infratil: night flights and loop training flights

And now only 6 cargo flights scheduled each week - presumably from Ostend International cargo airport just over the Channel

With Manston built on the underground water supply for East Kent, polluting the sea and Infratil and TDC removing noise monitors from a school and tower block what have our councillors and civil servants been agreeing to?

A cargo airport by stealth: planning permission for a passenger terminal but cargo sheds built, and a EU border freight post.

And now even that's collapsed even with removing all the safety controls.

Surely Britan White and Richard Samuel as Planning Director and former KIACC Chair when Infratil removed the nosie monitors will also be no-shows at TDC?

While MP's Julian Brazier Shadow Air Secretary supports Manston but opposes night flights and didn't realise it was built on the drinking water.

Roger Gale thinks a "2012 airport" in 3 years time is a good idea.

Steve Ladyman., former Transport Minister isn't quite clear on the potential but asks Parliament for "route development funds" (made-up phrase) for South East airports.

Laura Sandys is silent.

Paul Carter is a no-show.

Geoff Wild the County Legal Officer knows there are 4 dumped jumbo jets on the water supply but refuses to remove them although he can't explain why:

The Environment Agency for 4 years has been monitoring the effluent and pollution.

For 6 cargo flights in the aiport that can't even provide noise monitors or working radar.

Looks like we're paying for politicians with foolish ideas that endager the public for their careers.

No wonder even the Election Ferry can't even turn up for the election.

Anyone heard from them about Thor yet?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time For Change.

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