Thursday, 30 July 2009

Manston. Corporate Criminals. Council criminals

What do you do with corporate criminals like Infratil?

Criminals because they are a £1Bn airport company. Their Directors removed the noise and air monitors from Manston.

Airport Directors of $1Bn corporations know not to do that. Especially an airport slated for expansion.

Planes repeatedly breach the 106 even EU-banned Russian and African cargo planes. The most dangerous planes flying.

Well, the EU is investigating the sale of Infratil Lubeck in Germany to ensure that State Aid wasn’t wrongly used.

The UK and EU are pretty strict on State Aid. Only where needed: when the private sector or public sector needs developing.

Not funding an airport for one of the world’s largest airport companies.

That’s merely giving tax breaks, tax funds and infrastructure support for what a multi-national airport company itself does.

Rather like giving State Aid to Tesco to open another supermarket.

Infratil can’t even fund the noise monitors or radar at Manston.

It can’t even stop polluting the drinking water or sea.

And SEEDA and KCC and TDC fund car parks and permits of passenger terminals that become cargo sheds.

A cargo airport by stealth.

The public’ll never know. Tell ‘em it’s passenger flights. Sounds better. If we hustle it through then it’ll all be too late. Any problems just flannel ‘em

Jim Braithwaite Chair of SEEDA has moved on.

You can’t arrange a deal in Kent with a UN Poverty Agency to help the poor of Bangladesh or India or China and expect to continue.

A UN Poverty Agency for Kent.

For a Kent airport.


And an EU investigation means we won’t be seeing the Kiwi Criminals operating airports in Europe again.

And Council Criminals?

Well the last time I looked good governance was about serving the greatest number for the greatest good.

I don’t remember helping remove noise and air monitor from a tower block or school by Brian White and Richard Samuel being ideal.

I don’t remember KCC and TDC covering up the lack of noise monitoring – each month for years being ideal.

I don’t remember Sandy and Roger giving a nod and a wink to not bother with noise or air monitors being ideal.

I don’t remember the councillors staying silent when they knew being ideal.

KCC Cabinet is silent.

The legal team at KCC is silent.

The Environment Agency is silent.

The MP’s are silent.

I don’t remember any of that being good governance.

Do you?

The organisations have turned in on themselves and serve themselves and their careers. Not the public they were created to serve.

And now the Gang of Four are stuck. Thrashing around behind closed doors to explain themselves.

They can’t say they weren’t monitoring. They can’t say they are monitoring. Airports cause cancer.

This isn’t painting the yellow line wrong. Or forgetting to issue a road closure notice.

This isn't even fixing the error.

This is a series of jumbo jets, chemical factories, drinking water pollution for 100,000 people.

All we have is silence.

Because they know they’re wrong and the game is up.

And meanwhile the planes fly over the towns and poison the people.

Still more planes for a defunct airport.

The airport limps on giving us just a little bit of cancer.

A Thor mercury factory closed in 1988 for poisoning the public and the water.

Still open.

Giving us just a little bit of mercury poisoning.

An 11 year early death rate in Thanet.

Dying at 69 years old not 80.

Councillors and civil servants that are so foolish they don’t even realise they’re poisoning their own water, their own air, their own families, their own neighbours.

Cancer jobs for everyone who wants one. And cancer for their families and your families too.

And for this we pay them to look after Thanet and Kent.

The Corporate Criminals I admire for poisoning the public and then walking away.

Wipe your own kidneys down with a discharge permit, they cry.

Dumped jumbo jets as roosts for owls was their suggestion. And New Zealand and its water and air and families and neighbours is far away.

But do we really need to begin a Court action against the Council Criminals?

A £15 legal fee gets the ball rolling. The Judge might even waive it in the public interest. Certainly it’s tax deductible against council services not provided.

But do we really have to sue our own Council Criminals for killing the public in Kent?

They do in Corby:

They did at Thor:

Wipe your children’s kidneys down with the money.

KCC’s 86 lawyers could bash the typewriters to say they’re liable-but-not-liable. It’s TDC’s fault not KCC’s.

Public money to defend themselves against the public they employ and are killing.

What shocking incompetence and deceit.

At least we know.

We can’t trust TDC. We can’t trust KCC. To act in the public’s best interests.

Just career jockeying and incompetence and glory quick-fix projects.

A shortfall of 20,000 jobs in the area? What about an airport with 20,000 jobs? We’ve got an airport. Make it a big one. Tomorrow.

Planning permission for a passenger terminal but cargo sheds built.


Do the public really have to line up at the next Council meeting and hand over Court summons to the each of the Gang of Four?

Do we really have to do that?

In England? In Kent?

Do we really have to do that?

It’s not worth the bus fare or shoe leather is it?

Just go.


Time’s up for the Gang of Four.

Time’s up for Sandy and Roger. You’ve tried. You’ve failed. Enough.

Time’s up for Richard and Brian. You’ve let us down. Enough.

Time’s up for Ladyman and Gale and Sandys. You’ve been sat in your jobs too long. Thanet hasn’t improved. It’s gone backwards. Enough.

Time’s up for TDC’s councillors. Too many pensioners. Too much pointless bickering. Too many of you. Enough.

Time’s up for the Environment Agency. Memos and permitting of some of the worst pollution in Europe. P45’s from the top down. Enough.

Time’s up for KCC. East Kent the cesspit of the County. Enough.

What shoddy governance and public services we have.

An 11 year death rate like Iraq or Bolivia. In Kent.

Do we really have to take Court action against the Gang of Four for failure to protect the public?

Having to sue our own politicians and civil servants for killing their own people – like it was Nazi Germany?

Is this the best Kent can offer?

Time’s up for the Gang of Four. The cronies, fools and brown-nosers around you too.

Every day is a waste of your time and ours now.

You can’t improve the towns.


No later than 7th September please.

Flush out the last deceit and corruption from the Audit.

Hand over to Messrs Bunnett and Gideon.

Issue the closure notices to Infratil and Thor and Water Protection Orders.

A no-blame summary of existing problems and omissions would help.

Leave the place tidy.

Time to start again.

The airport must close to protect the water and the people in the towns.

The water must be cleaned.

The death rate must be reversed.

The three are inter-connected.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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