Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Audit Commission inquiry and TDC

The Audit COmmission is the GOvernment'sauiudiot or for TDc and KCC accounts.

Until now each year in Jully the public had a one-time chance to request copy invoices, bills, statements etc for a council's accounts - and object to them.

WIth FOI and EIR this is largely irrelevant as the public can request them at any time on emial, a visit in person or by post.

Here's my ojection to Andy Mack, the AC auditor for TDC:

Hi Andy

Can I object to TDC’s accounts as there seems issues around:

#rating and collecting airport fines
#arms length organisations funded/staffed by TDC eg EKO and £70k salaries
#drinking water and sea water contamination costs
#publicly stated 0% salary increases that were actually £25k increases
#cost of preparing the contaminated land register especially for Thor mercury and Richboro
#Is a £2M reserve on a £20M budget too high?
#What are the 3 year financial strategies: there seems only generic statements on providing annual plans at some stage – and target measures over the previous 3 years
#Can I have copies of TDC bank account details and investments
#Also The East Kent audit sleaze report of Deal Council
#TDC payroll/ all costs by department
#TDC councillor expenses/all costs
#CGP China trip costs funded by the developer: receipts and reimbursements and timesheets
#Details of Pleasurama/SFP Ventures tax haven costs to date: expenses, timesheets etc
#Tram Shelter missing insurance money

Can you email copies of these please given Word and Excel usage. These are requested under the AC Act and FOI and EIR.

If you'd like to raise any issues with Andy or request copies of invoices, timesheets, bills, payments, bank accounts etc etc then email him on amack@audit-commission.gov.uk

And unlike in previous years you can do that at any time.

You are paying £15M in salaries for TDC after all. No council tax paid. No salaries for TDC paid.

TDC's accounts are pretty good in recording most of the informatiuon although there's some shennanigans in listing sites that are accounted but not derelict or non-operational sites in the area - like toilets, that sort of thing.

TDC maybe able to shred complaints or issue false or misleading statements but they do have to account to the AC if concillors are unable to effect proper scrutiny.

Andy's given me an iterim reply that I can' t object to the accounts for some reason and I'll publish the details here as I've asked him to confirm what wording he requires.

A £5 bonus (he is charging TDC £145k for the audit) if he can find the noise monitors removed by Infratil and the Gang of Four and still operating apparently.

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